Really bad Atlantis loot

Really bad Atlantis loot this time is everyone else getting bad loot this time I have used around 150 loot tickets and got much of anything is this the new standard if so count me out!!!

Yeah I’m sure everybody has noticed, but have you noticed we get more emblems than before in every other bit of the game?
Seems to me they had to offset it some how , it is a business after all

There is already a previous thread on this. Please use the search option of this forum. Visit this:

Yeah too little coin. Very bad for f2p… but what can i say, i’m not their customer because i don’t spend :sweat:

I’m a bit confused over what the idea or feature request is here. It sounds more like a rant.

Not a #ideas-feature-requests; no seeming point to the thread beyond venting in which case please make use of a pre-existing thread.

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