Really awful new icon being ab tested on Google play

anything other than Elena is simply not ok. Please return it back to the hero of the game.


Well at least they picked another hot redhead, Elenas old pet dragon maybe?

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Elena needs to be riding on the back of the dragon as it soars through the skies wreaking havoc and destruction on Kings Landing …

Oops, sorry mixing up my mythos here.


I’m pretty sure that’s not new. Its been around for a long time.

I’m with you @nevarmaor!! She absolutely MUST be riding that dragon wreaking havoc over a small village of defenseless peasants!!

Ok maybe I got carried away with the defenseless peasants, how about a castle Keep full of orcs with giant arrow throwing machines?


I made the thread mostly in jest out of boredom but I really like the idea of elena riding a dragon. I think if they release a second costume for her, dragon elena would be amazing.


I gave Elena rings just because she’s the face of the game.


Meanwhile over at SGG: “Halt all work on Hero Academy. We’ve just got word they don’t like the logo, the academy can wait 6 months whilst we try find a new logo they like.”


At least you get it’s all about the aesthetic.

Could be worst, they could’ve put Aegir in there :upside_down_face:

fwiw, icons and logos are different. but lol how sad would it be if resources for the hero academy were paused for finding new icons.

thankfully marketing teams and dev teams almost never share the same art resources for sourcing these assets :wink:

Or even a wilderfrost scout… hang on a sec…

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