Reality Bites: Where did you actually end up getting your 5*s?

big step :slight_smile: you can do it!

thanks :slight_smile: I probably have used up my luck for the next year haha!


Please do not ascend Thoth-Amun. There are so many 4* heroes that are better. Happy gaming.


Umm. Not sure where.
I have 3 costumes, Lianna, Li Xiu and Little John.
3 Heroes of the Month, Morax, Kara and Suzanna
Mist and Scoratex were from Seasonal Summons, as were Guardian Falcon and Jack O’ Hare.
Echilbog was Starfall and Sergei from Tower.
The rest, dunno.
Spend? Very low. V.I.P and maybe a bit on the occasional gems, but have been FTP for about a year.

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6 months update:

S1: set complete
S2: Ursena (SE), Mokarr, Mitsuko (HA) and Tarlak (FS) finally after 4 years wu has retired XD
S3: Alfrike (SE)
S4: Elizabeth (SE)
S5: none (rarest one was Thorne :x)
Challenge events: G.Owl, Hatter(HA)
Seasonal events: Rana, Vanda+C, Santa(HA), Misty
Towers: Telonius
Alliance Quest: Eloise (elemental)
HotMs: JF, Clarissa, Raffaelle, Uraeus, Yang Mai, Hanitra, Arfanias, Klaern, Morax, Balur, Margret(HA), Athena(HA), Kunchen (legends), R&N, Turgruk, Suzuna, Athena(solistice)
Costumes: Richard, Vivica, Quintos, Oba-Kun, Justice, Khagan(HA), Elena (HA), Magni

Less than 2 months update.

3rd tower event 5* - Becky
4th Fated summon hero - Malosi

Unfortunately I also got 2 non-S1 dupes…

29th of June I got dupe Skargremar, that pull was followed by Becky. Yep my 2 pulls in last magic tower were hotm and Becky. Very lucky I guess.

Atlantis portal - dupe Morax- I had 3 out of 4 featured heroes from that Atl portal, well I also lacked Mits costume. I guess I really wanted hotm Cinisia, so I did all pulls I could have done that month, sadly I didn’t get her.

And my alt:
About 1 year and 4 months of gameplay = 9 x 5* :roll_eyes:
Emphasised are these who are more than 2/60.

S1: Marjana
HOTM: Gilligan, Suzuna, Celidana
S3: Lord Loki (fresh from FS)
Morlovia: cVanda (she needs so many hidden blades… I used them on my 4*s but now she’s first red in queue to do)
Springvale: cMaster Lepus
Costume chamber: cJustice, cKhagan

It requires a lot of effort to do wars or events on this account. At least it’s challenging.

I have been f2p for one year.
At this time, my roster consists of the following number of unique heroes:
10 Legendary, with 6 at level 80
21 Epic, with 14 fully leveled, 2 double LB,
42 Rare, 27 fully leveled, 4 LB, 2 double LB

In the first few months I was playing, I used nearly all the gems I got and luckily pulled Justice, Domitia, and Goretooth. Also came up with Grimm and Boldtusk, and I have really used and abused those two four stars, as well as Wu Kong on Titan attacks.

For around the first six months, my standard rainbow general purpose team was Justice, Domitia, Grimm, Boldtusk and Little John.

I did most of my pulls in the Elemental summons, trying to keep color-balanced, so I was always able to level heroes efficiently (one of each color working at all times).

I’ve been very lucky with my pulls in the Costume Chamber, but most other pulls have just given me Season 1 heroes in the 3 and 4 star range, often dupes of what I already had.

Just yesterday I finished filling my first Fated summons, and took Lord Loki.

After I discovered Atlantis Rising, I started saving my gems to buy Fast Lane Packs in the Shop. This has allowed me to level up at least once during every ER since that time.

None of my Legendary heroes have been any of the highly sought after category, but I’ve worked with what I pulled and only a shortage of ascension materials has slowed me down too badly.
I’ve seen a lot of stuff written like “Don’t bother ascending that hero, he’s terrible”, but I’ve decided to dance with the ones that brought me, and it’s been fun, though you won’t see my handle at the top of any leaderboards soon.

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Quick update
Costumes: Domitia 2nd costume (HA10)

Update to celebrate my latest Fated Summon pick: Heimdall! I wanted a 5* reviver, and the overheal is super useful too! (for the record, my first FS pick this round was Lord Loki)

and updated again for my SE pick: Kravekrush! finally, also an Underwild hero - although the main reason for picking Kravey was his special, of course!

this gives me 63 total unique 5*, not counting costumes

  • Playing time: 5 years 1 month; VC2P (total spend: 10 deals of 3 EUR each, total 30 EUR). As my breakdown below shows, I’ve had above-average luck for my spend level.
  • 63 unique 5*s + 17 costumes
  • Breakdown -
  1. S1: COMPLETE SET of 20! (Sartana, Domitia, Obakan, Joon, Justice, Leonidas, Isarnia, Richard, Magni, Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghall, Elena, Marjana, Azlar, Khagan, Lianna, Vivica, Quintus, Thorne).

I can’t remember how many/which ones were TC 20 vs. summons in other portals (Elena at least I’m sure was from an EHT in Seasonal Portal, and I know Domitia was from an EHT too, with Vivica and Quintus from HA10). If I had to estimate, I would say 75% of these from TC20, 25% from portals, and now 2 from HA10!

  1. Atlantis: 3 (Inari from portal, Ursena from HA10, Mitsuko from FS)

  2. Valhalla: 3 (Bera from Valhalla protal, Lord Loki and Heimdall from FS)

  3. Seasonal: 7 (Lepus, Rana, Francine, Santa, Victor, Krampus, Roc; all from respective seasonal portal)

  4. Challenge Event: 2 (Guardian Owl, Chameleon) – both from Guardians portal!!

  5. HOTM: 21 (Aegir, Aeron, Margaret, Gregorion, Seshat, Malosi, Yang Mai, Elradir, Devana, Russell, Iris, Zagrog, Silvaria, Klaern, Celidana, Balur, Roughian & Nurgib, Viselus, Grazul, Tahir, Skargremar). of these, 2 came from being re-featured in Atlantis (Aeron, Gregorion) + 1 from Fated Summon (Grazul) + 1 from Solstice (Tahir), and the rest were summoned in their debut month

  6. Towers: 2 (Nyx from Styx, Amethyst from Ninja)

  7. TOL (Myztero): nope!

  8. Costumes: 17, of these 13 vanilla (Joon 1 and 2, Marjana, Sartana, Richard, Domitia, Magni, Khagan, Elkanen 1 and 2, Lianna, Justice 1 and 2) and 4 seasonal (Master Lepus, Victor, Krampus, Roc)

  9. Underwild: 1, Kravekrush (Soul Exchange)

  10. Dunes: 2 - Eset from portal, Sobek from Solstice

  11. 3 Kingdoms: 2 - Diaochan from portal, and Guan Yu from Soul Exchange!

  12. all other portals: nope nope nope nope

This is my actual summons chart:

Total Dark Holy Ice Nature Fire
S1/ TC20 20 4 4 4 4 4
S2: Atlantis 3 1 1 1
S3: Valhalla 3 1 1 1
S4: Underwild 1 1
S5: Dunes 2 1 1
HoTM 21 2 3 4 5 7
Seasonal 7 1 2 2 1 1
Challenge Events 2 1 1
Towers 2 2
3 Kingdoms 2 1 1
Total 63 12 12 12 13 14
Costume 17 3 5 4 3 2

costumes not counted in totals


A short update after two months :

  • July’s costume chamber gave me C2.Kadilen
  • HA10 spawned the first costume of Quintus, wil keep him for now but no intention to level him
  • In August I acquired Bera from FS
  • August’s Magic Tower gave me Becky
  • And today (September) the pets event gave me Barkley

Three very good heroes, an ok one (Bera) and a benchwarmer (c1.Quintus) in two months, not too shabby without spending. But who knows about the benchwarmer? I have a Ranvir sitting at 1/1 on the bench for a long time, but he is great with Becky, so i started work on him.

Summary: after 3 years and seven months I have 66 5* heroes (55 ascended) , nine of them dupes (6 ascended). Thats 57 unique 5* heroes (49 ascended).


S1: 14

  • 6 unique S1 hero, all ascended, plus two ascended dupes (Lianna and Richard)
  • 8 unique S1 heroes with costumes, seven ascended plus two ascended dupes (c1.Joon and c1.Marjana)

All vanilla S1 (first occurence) were from TC20 or HA10 , all S1 costumes except c1.Marjana and c1.Quintus were from costume chamber, the two exceptions were from HA10.

S2: 2

  • Atomos (HA10)
  • Ariel (FS)

S3: 6

  • Gefjon (portal)
  • Noorns (SE)
  • c.Sif (portal)
  • Skadi (FS)
  • Lord Loki (FS)
  • Bera (FS)

S4: 0

S5: 0

Towers : 1

  • Becky ( Magic tower portal)

AQ : 0

W3K : 2

  • Zhuge Liang (portal)
  • Guan YU ( SE)

Seasonal : 8 plus two dupes

  • Lepus (Springvale Portal 2020) (dupe from portal too 2021)
  • Santa (Christmas portal 2020)
  • c.Rana (Sand Empire portal 2021)
  • c.Vanda ( Morlovia portal 2021)
  • Mr Pengi (Christmas portal 2021)
  • c.Killhare (Springvale portal 2022, dupe from HA10)
  • c.Roc (Sandempire portal 2022)

Challenge Events 3:

  • Rhys (CF2 portal)
  • c.Snow White (CF1 Portal)
  • Barkley ( Pets portal)

HotM : 21

  • c.Ares. (ToL portal)
  • Bai Yeong ( HA10)
  • Ranvir ( HA10)

All other from portals in the release month:

  • Noor
  • Reuben
  • Uraeus
  • Malicna
  • Frosth ( one dupe from HA10 )
  • Yang Mai
  • Elradir
  • Devana
  • Chakkoszrot
  • Russel
  • Hanitra
  • Viscaro
  • Iris
  • Sylvaria
  • Morax
  • Turgruk
  • Suzuna
  • Skargremar

Happy gaming


Update: I have been playing approximately one year and nine months. Only purchases so far have been three VIP deals (a gift)

Since my last update, my new 5s are c2 Obakan, Atomos (no costume), Frida, and Areax
I won’t bother counting 5s from TC20 for now since I am saving them for SE - unless I save a duplicate for a costumed 5 star. (I wish Leo would come from TC20…)

Only counting unique heroes:
Costume chamber: 2
S4 portal: 1
Seasonal portal: 2 (both from Kalevala)
HotM bonus draws: 5
Black Friday: 1
Summer Solstice: 2
Fated Summons: 3
Covenant portal: 1
Contest of elements portal: 1

Total: 18 not from TC20
Element distribution not including Fated Summons: 3 dark, 2 holy, 3 ice, 2 nature, 5 fire
Element distribution including FS: 4 dark, 2 holy, 5 ice, 2 nature, 5 fire

Details of portal draws for anyone curious:


Costume chamber: 2 (c2 Leonidas, c2 Obakan)
S4 portal: 1 (Elizabeth)
Seasonal portal: 2 (both from first Kalevala: Louhi, Ilmarinen)
HotM bonus draws: 5 (Kara, Tahir, Balur, Skargremar, Areax)
Black Friday: 1 (Hel)
Summer Solstice: 2 (Miriam and Midnight, Yang Mai)
Fated Summons: 3 (Freya, Lord Loki, Frida)
Covenant portal: 1 (Quenell)
Contest of elements portal: 1 (Atomos, no costume)

I have 3 duplicates from portals: Louhi, Tahir, Balur.

For the HotM bonus draws:
Kara came in a costume chamber pull
Tahir came in a season pull - S3 or S4 (the duplicate came in the same way, but from a different season)
Balur came in a seasonal pull with an EHT (the duplicate came from the costume chamber)
Skargremar came in a gem 10 pull in Summer Solstice
Areax came in a S2 pull

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that’s a pretty good roster!

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Thanks! It seems that I have had above average results in both quantity and quality - but I haven’t tracked or anything to know for sure! So far, the only 5 star I have pulled from a portal that I wonder if I will ever max is Yang Mai. Who knows though - everything can change.

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