Reality Bites: Where did you actually end up getting your 5*s?

ok, only 4 days ago I updated, but this is so odds-defying I have to update again.

did one pull in Ninja Tower, and got my first 5* Ninja… AMETHYST!!! and now both my Tower 5* are Purples!

She’s also unique 5* # 50!

and also adding #51: Roughian & Nurgib!

  • Playing time: 4 years 4 months; VC2P (total spend: 10 deals of 3 EUR each, total 30 EUR). As my breakdown below shows, I’ve had above-average luck for my spend level.
  • 51 unique 5*s + 10 costumes
  • Breakdown -
  1. S1: COMPLETE SET of 20! (Sartana, Domitia, Obakan, Joon, Justice, Leonidas, Isarnia, Richard, Magni, Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghall, Elena, Marjana, Azlar, Khagan, Lianna, Vivica, Quintus, Thorne).

I can’t remember how many/which ones were TC 20 vs. summons in other portals (Elena at least I’m sure was from an EHT in Seasonal Portal, and I know Domitia was from an EHT too, with Vivica and Quintus from HA10). If I had to estimate, I would say 75% of these from TC20, 25% from portals, and now 2 from HA10!

  1. Atlantis: 2 (Inari, Ursena, Mitsuko) Only Inari was from the portal, Ursena was from HA10 and Mitsuko from FS

  2. Valhalla: 1 (Bera)

  3. Seasonal: 6 (Lepus, Rana, Francine, Santa, Victor, Krampus)

  4. Challenge Event: 2 (Guardian Owl, Chameleon) – both from Guardians!!

  5. HOTM: 17 (Aegir, Aeron, Margaret, Gregorion, Seshat, Malosi, Yang Mai, Elradir, Devana, Russell, Iris, Zagrog, Silvaria, Klaern, Celidana, Balur, Roughian & Nurgib). of these, 14 were summoned in their debut month + 2 from being re-featured in Atlantis (Aeron, Gregorion)

  6. Towers + Alliance quest: 2 (Nyx, Amethyst)

  7. TOL (Myztero): nope!

  8. Costumes: 10 - 7 vanilla (Joon, Marjana, Sartana, Richard, Domitia, Magni, Khagan) and 3 seasonal (Master Lepus, Victor, Krampus)

  9. Underwild: None

  10. Dunes: Nope!

  11. all other portals: nope nope nope nope

This is my actual summons chart:

Total Dark Holy Ice Nature Fire
S1/ TC20 20 4 4 4 4 4
S2: Atlantis 3 1 1 1
S3: Valhalla 1 1
S4: Underwild 0
S5: Dunes 0
HoTM 17 2 3 4 4 4
Seasonal 6 1 1 2 1 1
Challenge Events 2 1 1
Towers + Ally Quest + 3 Kingdoms 2 2
Total 51 11 10 10 10 10
Costume 10 3 2 3 2

costumes not counted in total


Wow amazing… I think my odds were high but I needed more resources to get something good
Idk if it’s true or just a myth, but got 3* troops from daily summon then tried twice got 2* troops so I did my 2 summons got Rigard and Domitia :confused:

some people swear by that method, some say it should not work because each summon is independent of any other summon. hope you get something good soon :slight_smile:

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It sometimes works, sometimes don’t for me. I had it work twice in a row when I pulled Xnolphod/Erebus.
Right after the 3* troop/hero pull from silver token, next pull was a 5*.
Also In Nov 2021 in costume portal, same method gave me C Marj and Balbar from 3 free pulls in a row after silver token 3*. It surely is a fishy method :smiley:


January 2023 Update with details:
Playing for 35 months, f2p

I only state the first appearence of a hero for me :
S1 : 18

Only Khagan and Horghall missing, had Horghall once but fed him to SE.
Obakan was from a single EHT in the Epic Hero portal when I was new and unexperienced.
Three were from Costume Chamber: Elkanen, Joon and Elena.
Quintus and Isarnia where from HA10 retraining, the other twelfe were from my two TC20.
Later I got Obakans 1st costume from Costume Chamber and Marjanas costume from HA10

S2: 2

Got Atomos from HA10 and Ariel from FS.

S3: 3

Got Gefjon and costumed Sif from portal and Norns from SE.

S4: 0

S5: 0

Springvale: 2 (3)

Master Lepus (x2) and costumed Killhare

Sandempire: 2

Costumed Rana and costumed Roc

Kalevala : 0

Morlovia: 1

Costumed Vanda

Santas Challenge: 3

Santa, Pengi, costumed Krampus

Alliance Quests: 0

Tower Events: 0

Covenant Portal: 0

ToL: 0

Challenge Events: 1


Conquests of Elements portal: 0

War of three Kingdoms: 1

Zhuge Liang

Heros of the month: 18

Ranvir from HA10
Noor (S2 Portal)
Reuben (Chrismas)
Uraeus (S3 Portal)
Malicna (cost. Chamber)
Frosth (Springvale)
Yang Mai (?)
Elradir (Sand Empire)
Devana (Cost. Chamber)
Chakkoszrot (?)
Russel (Morlovia)
Hanitra (Christmas)
Viscaro (cost. Chamber)
Iris (S4 Portal)
Sylvaria (Challenge Event)
Celidana (Morlovia)
Morax (ToL portal)

Thats 51 unique 5* heroes.
As you can see the backbone of my roster is from TC20 and the seasonal portals.

Happy gaming


I guess we all fail reading comprehension :relaxed:

Though mine would overwhelmingly be TC20 and summons anyway, with only a handful coming from HA10…

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It seems like if I don’t spend $300 or more, I can’t get the new good hero’s! But I see as soon as they come out I’m playing against them! If they offer new hero’s, they shouldn’t keep giving you the same old hero’s that can’t compete anyway with the new hero’s!
It’s a joke and a shame to this game, that you can only have a good team if you pay a lot of money! In the last couple of summons, I have summoned at least a hundred each time and have received crap for it!

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Ok, I will update: one year and one month, only purchase so far was the Rudolph VIP deal at the end of last month (a gift from my family :slight_smile:)

TC20: 2
Costume chamber: 1
S4 portal: 1
Seasonal portal: 2 (both from Kalevala)
HotM bonus draws: 3
Black Friday: 1
Fated Summons: 1

Total: 11, with 9 not from TC20
3 dark, 2 holy, 1 ice, 1 nature, 4 fire

The only 5 star to come from a gem pull was from Black Friday (on a 10 pull). I have 3 duplicates not included above: 2 HotM and 1 seasonal. Since my last post, my new 5s are Balur (plus duplicate), Kadilen (from TC20), Leonidas (with both costumes), and Freya (from FS). My RNG rolls have continued to be pretty good!


Around 2 months update.

Honestly my luck hasn’t been much good lately.

If I remember correctly, since last update all I got was :
1st Fated summon hero, originally from S2 - Tarlak
1st S4 hero - Xnolphod.
Well, at least I got 1st 5* hero from S4 portal.

Since July last year I got only 1 hotm draw. Tbh a drought could have came with the start of 2023, years 2021 and 2022 were very lucky for me in terms of new 5* heroes/costumes. And you can’t be lucky forever.

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I can get 4-5 hotm’s every month, but haven’t gotten any of the new ones! Alf my alliance has complained about same thing, but I see the same alliances get all the new hero’s as soon as they come out, I’m really believing the company are racists and only give to certain people!
But really, all I get are the same 5 star hero’s, just pulled another 23 summons, and Joon again!!
It’s bad, if they offer new ones, everyone should be able to get them! I’ll stop spending and go after them for their bs ways