Reality Bites: Where did you actually end up getting your 5*s?

Reading through some of the threads about players asking about the best portal to summon from, I though it would be an interesting exercise to see where I actually got my 5* heroes from over the last 2 years of playing. Would be interesting to see others analysis of their hero origins as well!

Background/ Rules:

  1. Playing for 2yrs now. Daily player.

  2. Mostly f2p-vc2p (0-$5/ month). About 6 months of c2p ($5-$25/ month) These are $$ ranges set by me for this exercise based on my personal experience. Everyone might have a different view on what is vc2p and c2p.

  3. I use gems primarily for summons. I’ve used a few for hero cap increase. Never used them for ascension mats, emblems, craft items, trainer heroes etc.

  4. Each unique hero is counted only once. e.g. I’ve got 4 Khagans, but he counts as only 1 in my table. Same for costumes, only counts as 1 hero.

  5. Each hero is categorised in the origin of their first appearance. E.g. Khiona is an hotm, but I got her from HA10 so she goes into the HA10 category.

  6. Doesn’t matter if the hero is levelled or not

This is my actual summons chart:

Total Dark Holy Ice Nature Fire
S1/ TC20 13 3 2 3 1 4
S2: Atlantis 2 2
S3: Valhalla 3 2 1
HoTM 9 3 2 1 1 2
Events 2 2
Ninja 1 1
Costume 3 1 1 1
HA10 3 1 2
Total 36 10 5 7 7 7
  • Got maximum from TC 20 (run only one).
  • Got a decent number of hotms, half of them came in one streak. First one was Seshat in Jul 2019. Then nothing till March 2020 and had a hotm streak- Telluria, Malosi, Clarissa, Raffaele, Noor. After that it’s been every other month or so. Interestingly, my highest spend 6-month period was between Seshat and Telluria … when I got no hotms and actually almost no 5s!
  • My main portal focus was S3 and Costumes last year. Will be switching to S4 and Costumes.
  • I mostly do single free pulls now, (about last 6-8 months). Might do a couple of 10 pulls in S4.
  • My highest spend overall and only two 30-pulls were in Atlantis. My worst portal experience.
  • I haven’t included Legends, because it’s never been a focus portal for me at any month of its existence.

Hope to see some of the other players chime in with their experience as well! It’s interesting to see how the odds actually play out over a period of time!

Not sure if there is a thread on this already, so please merge if there is. Thanks!


That table looks like science fiction to me… after almost 3 years of daily playing, many of the portals have a big fat “0” next to them. Except for S1 I have one event and two S2 5* to show. One costume… And 5 HOTM… No S3, no ninja, in fact, no top shelf hero. Sucks big time…


in another game, gave up lately since season 4, ninjas etc gives my roster a comedian touch. cant win anything by the beauty of red hood, worst odds ever. :laughing: would love to give my account to one of my fellow teammates, see no way to do it unfortunately.


I’m a C2P (USD$10-20 per month), almost 2 years playing
Following your template, here’s mine (if I can figure out how to do tables :D)

S1/ TC20 - 16 total, 2 Dark, 2 Holy, 5 Ice, 2 Nature, 5 Fire
S2: Atlantis - 0
S3: Valhalla - 0
HoTM : 4T, 3D, 1N
Events : 3T, 1I, 2F
Ninja : 1T, 1D
Costume : 2T, 1D, 1H
Legend : 1T, 1F
Total : 27, 7D, 3H, 6I, 3N, 8F

Not very lucky with S2 and S3, rofl… And lots of S1 dupes
And technically I have 3 5* costumes, but I got the Joon one in the first event where they didn’t give the hero…and I haven’t pulled or trained him…


I play since last year (the first lockdown in Europe, so april 2020). I’m a pay-to-win player, and I spend variable amounts of € each month, depending on the events, probably around 100€ per month as an average value.
Since then, I’ve got every HOTM (excepted Noor who eluded me) from Malosi to Uraeus.
Excepted Corellia, Sand Empire and Springvale, I’ve got one 5* from every event at least :

  • Grimforest : Red Hood (my first fire 5*)
  • Avalon : Guinevere and Lady of the Lake
  • Alice : Queen of Hearts and Jabberwock
  • Teltoc : Guardian Kong and Guardian Panther
  • Ninjas : Mica
  • Santa : Mother North
  • Villains : Crystalis
  • Morlovia : Victor (x3)

From S2, I’ve got Tarlak (twice), and Atomos only. I managed to pull Grazul, Neith and Jean-François when they were featured.

From S3 (I’ve mad a lot of pulls to get them) : Baldur (x2), Tyr, Gefjon (x2), Lady Loki (x2), Lord Loki, Alfrike, Fenrir, Norns.

And from costumes (I didn’t make a lot of pulls) : Horghall, Marjana and Elkanen

Concerning S1 5*, I lack Thorn and… that’s all, I think.


Tbh I’ve been super slow on the game myself lately. Most of my 5s are S1 … but for the life of me I can’t seem to pull their costumes. Out of 13, I have only 2 costumes - Quintus and Vivica. My Hotms are a mixed bag. I don’t have any of the really big heroes from events or seasons except for Alfrike. Most of my 5s are B rated or less. Of course I’ve found niches and combos for most of them but they aren’t the ‘top shelf’ heroes. :woman_shrugging:t2: such is life


Maybe you can tag a mod to help you with the table format? I just made the table in my iOS Notes app and copy pasted it :joy:

Portal Total Dark Holy Ice Nature Fire
S1/ TC20 25 6 5 3 7 4
S2: Atlantis 0
S3: Valhalla 2 1 1
HoTM 18 1 4 8 3 2
Events 1 1
Ninja 0
Costume 3 1 1 1
HA10 0
Total 49 7 11 12 12 7

Includes All Duplicates I am currently hoarding for HA10 Which should be ready in another 17 years.

YES :zero: S2… Not surprised at Ninjas as I basically haven’t done many pulls there.

Been Playing for 3+ Years… Very C2P… Scary to see the numbers :exploding_head:

  1. Started playing end of March 2020

  2. Using up to 10€ a month (vip + one or two cheap gem offers, since about half a year)

  3. Same as OP

  4. I will also count dupes

5* heroes and their source:

10x TC20 = elkanen, 2x khagan, Thorne, Richard, Elena, joon, quintus, isarnia, domitia
2x Costume chamber = Justice, elkanen
2x S2 = JF, Marjana
0x S3 = none
0x ninja = none
1x events = Victor
1x HoTM = reuben

= overall 16 5* in (soon) one year

  1. Playing for 3+ years. I’m level 84.

  2. Vc2p (AUD0-AUD4.50/month). Except for one month, I spent more than AUD4.50. :sweat_smile:

  3. Mostly use gems on hero summons. Sometimes I’ll buy hero slots, and a pin or background from the avatar shop.

S1: 17
S2: None
S3: 1
HoTM: 2
Challenge events: 1
Seasonal events: 1
Ninja: 0
Costume: 3
HA: 1
Total: 26

  • Most of my 5* were trained in tc20.
  • Really poor luck with HoTM. My first HOTM was Seshat in July 2019. My second was Reuben in December 2020.
  • Costumes is my luckiest portal. Still, I’m not the biggest fan of costumes.
  • All of my non-S1 5* were non-gem pulls.
    Valhalla coins: Gefjon
    EHT: Seshat, Vanda, Reuben
    Challenge coins: Guardian Panther
    Costume keys: Quintus, Sartana, and Joon
  • Dark is my strongest element, followed by fire. I hope I can finally get a non-S1 ice or nature 5* this year. :pray:
  • My only 10-pull so far was for Guardians. It was terrible. :rofl: It was my main portal focus to try for Guardians Falcon and Jackal.

if you use a 5* for leveling, it gives 1440 XP for the same element and 1200 XP for different element

Nice thread, was interesting to recap and do an inventory.


Playing 2 years

Average spend is probably between £60-£100 a month in the last year. Was a lot lower than that before. But lockdowns, working from home and boredom I guess :man_shrugging:. No regret here though, it comes from the money I set aside each month for “fun stuff”. If something more fun comes along then that gets the budget.

I gem summon but will only ever do 10 summons. Never done a 30 summon. I did save up Valhalla coins for a few months and did 40 odd last month. But that was all individual so I’m not counting it as a 30 pull😂

Worst portals are the seasonals. I save EHT up for each one and get no love. I had over 40 of them for Christmas. I got Frosty…

S1/TC20 - 16 (I don’t have Justice, Azlar or Isarnia)

S2 - 4 - Tarlak, Kageburado, Mitsuko, Atomos

S3 - 6 - Heimdall, Gefjon, Sif, Ratatoskr, Frigg & Baldur

Events - 3 - Chameleon, Panther & Finley

Seasonal Events - 0

Costume - 3 - Joon, Sartana & Richard

HOTM - 17 starts at Grazul (or Kingston…whichever was first) and only JF and Zulag missing since)

HA10 - 0 but not actually running it, I run HA4 & HA6 for the troops.

Unique heroes - 49

Colour breakdown:

Purple - 9

Blue - 7

Yellow - 8

Green - 14

Red - 9

Dupes - 14 currently and I’ve feed about 8 over time in levelling to reduce roster space. Not even sure why I’m holding 14 tbh…


I have a lot of variety and I’ve been very lucky to get some of the sort after heroes. I have 27 of them ascended and could do 2 blues right now but don’t like either of my choices so I’m holding off in hope of something more appealing landing my way. I have a tonne of depth in my 4* though which prop up a lot of my teams. I use mono in raids and wars and there’s at least 1 4* in every team. Once you get 18+ emblems into some of the 4* they are quasi 5* in all but name. Honorary mentions to C.Rigard, Gullibursti, C.Grimm, C.Kiril, Falcon, Jackal, Wilbur, Lancelot (yes really), Scarlett, Sumle & Almur who all have high emblems and come into my teams as needed.


Playing time: 1 year
Budget: about 6-10$ per month
Legendary heroes:

S1/TC20: 6
S2: 1
S3: 0
HotM: 3
Challenge events: 1
Seasonal events: 0
Ninja: 0
Costume: 0
Total: 11

No dupes, only unique heroes fortunately. I still haven’t ascended any of them.
Dark: Quintus, Sargasso
Holy: Bai Yeong, Leonidas
Ice: Misandra, Thorne
Green: Elkanen, Bertila
Red: Azlar, Reuben, Elena

I’m focused more on epic heroes, they are easier to ascend, I give them many emblems. I’m trying really hard to not think about legendary heroes. :stuck_out_tongue: I know how hard it is to get them.
Strong desire for 5* + deep frustration that I didn’t get them = end of this game for me.


You’ve hit the nail on this one. This truly is the heart of all summons frustrations. Pretty much everyone (well f2p and c2p mostly) work on 4s in their first year and stockpile ascension items, special summons and 5s at the beginning. There’s so much to still level, the frustration of not getting 5s doesn’t stall the game.

But once that 4 roster is looking good, you want to move your gaming up a level and the summon frustration starts really kicking in.

One of the reasons I started this thread was because I saw so many people especially new players keep asking about which is the best portal to spend money to get 5s. And I thought knowing where people actually got their heroes - whether f2p or p2w - could help set more realistic expectations.


I just got my first two 5* (JF and Richard) to 4/80, Joon will be there soon

I also started with getting a good 4* roster, since I do have at least 4 4* from each color, I moved on to the 5* that will help me the most

And btw, if I’m going to do summons with gems, I try to aim for 4*, 5* are just the ice on the cake, because you just can’t expect any 5* if you do 10-20 pulls at one portal

That’s why I spent some gems at guardians of teltoc, s3 vallhalla and soon I will spend some for grimforest (Hansel, Gretel)

Committing summons for 5* will (nearly) always end in disappointment


Playing time: 11 months

Budget: F2P for the first 4 months, thereafter $25-30 per month

Only started making summons from various portal from Oct 2020 onwards. Priority was given to S2 and Teltoc but will now shift to S3, S4, costume, Avalon and Wonderland.

S1/TC20: 9 (8 from TC20, 1 from S2 portal)
Only keen on the snipers and so far have Marjana, Magni and Sartana

S2: 3 (Misandra, Kage, Atomos)
Hoping for Mistuko and Tarlak in July. Ariel, Poseidon, Ursena will be nice addition too.

S3: 0
Less than 10 pulls in S3 in total so far but have hoarded enough coins for 40 coin pulls. Targeting Odin, Frigg and to a less extent Heimdall and Alfrike

Events: 0
Less than 20 pulls in all events so far but have hoarded over 200 challenge coins. Targeting Wonderland and Avalon. Top targets are White Rabbit, BK and LotL

Seasonal Events: 1 (Santa)
Planning 50 EHT pulls for Lepus, Killhare and SR next month

Costume: 0
Less than 10 pulls so far but have hoarded 180 keys. Targeting Marjana, Leonidas and Kadilen when they are featured.

from 1.3% bonus chance: 5 (BY x 2, Zulag, Glenda, Uraeus)
old HOTM from S2 and ToL: 4 (Zimkitha, Alasie, Athena, Grimble)

HA10: I think I am 3-4 months away from that

I also did some analysis on my TC20 and summon portal luck (as of 12/3/21):

TC20: 160 pulls, 121 3*, 31 4* and 8 5* (5% chance is about average)

Summon portal: 267 pulls, 14 5* (including 5 bonus HOTMs and 1 S1). Excluding these, I received 8 non-S1 heroes, giving me a 3% success chance which is above average and quite decent to be honest.

Need to beef up my green and yellow 5* roster and hope RNG god can continue to be generous.


TC20 except my banned account, I spent good money that was ‘appropriated’.

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Thank you,

20 bits of character building.

I’ve been playing 2 years, and spend between €25-100/month. My very first pull on my first day of playing, I got Vivica and Frida, and I had unbelievable luck with pulls early on, which is probably what turned me into a P2P player. I didn’t even know what an HOTM was at first, and I thought 5* were easy. I learned.

• Season 1 : all, 3 from TC20
• Season 2 : Inari, Mok-Arr,
• Season 3 : Heimdall x3, Lady Loki x3, Tyr, Skadi, Freya
• Grimforest : Snow White, Red Hood
• Avalon : Guinevere, Lady of the Lake
• Pirates : Lady Locke
• Alice : Jabberwock
• Teltoc : Guardian Kong, Owl, Gazelle
• Ninjas : Onyx x3
• Santa : Krampus, Santa x2
• Villains : Isrod
• Morlovia : Francine, Victor
• HOTM : Since Frida (March 2019), all except Margaret, Telluria, and Noor

5* Costumes I have are : Magni, Elena, Vivica, Isarnia, Thorne, Azlar, Khagan, Elkanen and Joon.


I guess I’m a bit opposite in that my lack of luck in S2 and S3 is counter-balanced with better luck in other portals. Got Onyx in the first Ninja Tower, and also Grazul from Legends. And one of my few 10 pulls during the Xmas event netted Krampus + 2 Santas. So I’m pretty set at 5* for raids and wars.

Nowadays, I’m more thinking of spending gem/cash on the epic troop portal since I do have mana troops in all colors that I need to level up.

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