'Realistic' guessing game - Which heroes will be featured in the next Soul Exchange?

But but but… I thought tiers were chosen based on advanced, sophisticated metrics reflecting the heroes’ performance with pinpoint accuracy, not on popularity. :rofl:


I could be wrong, but I think it is too soon for any CoK hero. I guess any hero in Soul Exchange would’ve been released for at least one year, sort of like the Hero Academy.

I like your list of guesses much more than mine though. :wink:


Great lists. I love the OP one in particular. I have been waiting for thread like this for quite some time. At 10 I would replace Zocc for Lady Locke. I don’t think LL will be there, but not sure who to replace him with. Hel sounds like the fan fav in the 20 column.

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Quoting @Rasputim’s post here.


Yes and apparently derpy G cham is worth only 10 souls because he has no unique qualities outside of the colour change. Yeap, based on performance metrics…

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Don’t think Esme is that powerful anyways. She is niche and the fiends are running rampant. Having her at least gives some way to handle the fiends meta.
Even if she isn’t going to be in the next SE, she would probably be the first Cok hero in there


:joy: I mean who needs +54% attack, +36% crit and an uber dispel? I have him and all he does is vaporize everything that stands in his path. Totally useless.

Give me a completely outdated Gravemaker for double the price instead! Performance metrics show he’s a destroyer of worlds. So much so that top players don’t even dare using him ever, that’s how good he is!


You forgot ‘naked’ as well. Because naked and dated gravemaker is what everyone wants nowadays


Yeah, it’s aggravating that they don’t give us the costume for 20 legendaries. C Gravemaker is a completely different story and would definitely be worth of consideration.

Sadly, I fear it’s the case. At least 2 alliance mates picked him, solely based on name recognition I assume. I seem to remember that some forum members did too. If we don’t wisen up, things are unlikely to improve. Naked Gravemaker is just bad. I consistently beat him with my paltry roster, with teams including multiple 4* heroes.

I was very close, finger pinching close to dumping 20 on gravy. Thank God I didn’t.
A handful of them are non S1 dupes that I spend my hard earned money pulling for them. Imagine me sacrificing my dupe Frigg, garjammals, victors, roostleys…for a naked gravemaker, in 2022. Let those dupes have some dignity, sack them for a worthier hero


:joy: You did dodge a bullet. On a side note, I keep saying this, but it’s stupid that all those great and pricey heroes are worth the same as a Magni or a Quintus. SGG decided/admitted that Killhare is worth twice more than Reuben? Fair, make her be worth twice more as an input as well then.


Think the most expensive tier will have Guin. Last SE had GM. Before GM, players were gaga about Guin.

Lord Loki is unlikely. S4 hero. Recent.

Mica is a ninja. Unlikely too. Ninja portal is still profitable.


Thank you for the lists @SamMe and @Tidyup, very good guesses, let’s see who gets the most right! I had some of those in my mind too, but some I totally forgot to even think about, although being great choices :smiley:

Yeah haha it seems Francine especially is the top guess as of now. And I kinda agree with you that it’s too early for Ninjas etc. but I tried to be a little optimistic already, may be a little too early for only 2nd round of Soul Exchange (let them use all of their dupes for the first couple of SE and let’s introduce those BIG heroes when everyone is out of dupes) :smiley:

Oh, I haven’t even seen that post, even though the predictions feature quite many same heroes as I listed here. I read that first post of that topic before making this one though so that I’m not making a similar one.

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Absolutely! then again I am somewhat unconventional :upside_down_face:

Any non-costumed older hero needs to be LB’d to survive better. I even skipped Quintin and Krampus and LB’d Rumpelstiltskin to make him more survivable, as I have used him frequently after getting him in the first SE.

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Although I predicted Mica (see post #25), because they explicitly said they would feature ninjas in the future, I agree Mica is a long shot. Sir Roostley, Drake, or something along those lines is more likely.

Lord Loki is S3, like Skadi. Not that unlikely.

I could see them adding Guin like they did GM. Past glory heroes who may still have an interest from lower tier players (like myself).

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Ninjaportal might still be profitable but the first batch of them was released 1 1/2 years ago so i would not be too surprised seeing one of them in the next soul exchange. I hope it’ll be Garnet though i doubt it. :laughing:

Love this, ill post my list later… Damn work getting in the way.


Oops. My Bad. Yes S3. Then it is possible that he may be featured.

SGG usually features a “prime choice” in anticipation of future heroes.

Skadi was the prime choice in the first SE in anticipation of the plethora of minion heroes being released then.

Unless they feature Grimble ?

That would actually be a tough choice whether to take him or not, I have 1 already but I just love to use him whenever I see 2+ minion heroes in the same team, or just 1 strong minion maker like Hulda. And I think it’s quite possible he could be featured at some point.

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