'Realistic' guessing game - Which heroes will be featured in the next Soul Exchange?

No… Just s2 + hotms, old event heroes and seasonal (but probably not kalevala). I think he was referring to ha10 giving him onatel.

My list for a SE guess:

10 Souls: Vela, Thoth-Amun, Costume Elena, Yunan, ans Sir Roostley.

15 Souls: Eloise, Frigg, Tethys, Vanda, and Alfrike

20 Souls: Miki, Ruby, Xnolphod, El Naddaha, and Penolite


I know noor is considered a joke, but her passive of summoning a minion killing minion is very strong especially when it is just a 1 off like devana or seshat. I have her… And while it may be an unpopular sentiment… I think she’s the best of this group. Malosi is a close second because of speed and neutering alfrike’s mindless attack… Or… Ludwig or any tank for that matter. I take that back… He’s #1, noor is #2.

Hel has the best special though old… I need holy def down, rata would my my nature titan team consistently hit 6 digits and frida would happily replace nordri… But i don’t like any of them enough. Maybe hel if lb and emblemed… But not 15 heroes kinda love.

I wanted freya… Until i didn’t which happened to coincide with me pulling Xnolphod… Perhaps a coincidence.

Ditto with needing holy defense down, but not at 20. I have tarlak and he isn’t as good as miki… But for those using bertulf or wu kong… Well worth 20… I have him… And he’s probably the only reason I’ve been allowed to hang out with top 100 teams over the last 3 years. Queen of hearts… Pass. I like the taunt in perpetuity… But not enough to spend 20.
Pass is as good of a freaking healer as there is in the game… But… I have ice healers… Too many… And i really want boosted health… Give me the professor… Give me costume Ariel… Give me ludaigah… Even though i can’t spell his name…

But nice list… I enjoy working my way through them.

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Nothing at all. They’re just angry at world…all the time :joy:

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Here’s my list. It looks a little optimistic to me, but what came out the last time was better than I expected as well. I’m guessing that ninjas and the events put into the CF2 will be on the table this time, but graded a little more conservatively (so Garnet not Ruby at 20, etc). With LotL at 15 last time, I’m going to put Gazelle at 15 with several other desired but aging heroes. The 10s are old but serviceable except for Jade, who is newer and worthless :wink:

20-Garnet, Crystalis, Prof Lindenbrock, Eiora and Fluffy, Bera

15-Guardian Gazelle, Tarlak, c. Marjana, Master Lepus, Jabberwock

10-Jade, Victor, Onatel, Aegir, Mitsuku


This amazing person!


We have the date for the SE.

Now let’s wait for the heroes.

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That was last soul exchange…

What is the date for the next soul exchange?

Yes it was, you didn’t see I was replying to someone?

Tier 1 10 souls. klearn , aeron, gregorian, ruben , g owl
Tier 2 15 souls. Telluria, zulag, exeera, captain nemo, Delilah
Tier 3, jade, salmon loki, russela, russul, hanitra


Oh boy, that’s a rough looking list!

Don’t think I’d get any of them for 10 even tbh; guess it would give me another few months to make sure I had 20 for a good pick

Bring us Krampus in the 3rd tier and I would be happy.

Scheduled for August 22nd

That isn’t anywhere close to the quality of last soul exchange…. = won’t happen.

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It was a joke list. Lol.


Yea… really :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  • You can say that now…but didn’t look like it or indicated in any way as a joke :rofl:

Sure it does it has klaern in the list.


I would happily skip this one :smiley: Well, Delilah is the only one I would even think about picking, but I think it would be wiser saving the 15 heroes till next one.

Even being a joke list I would take Gregorian for titans or Delilah because a 5s healer is always needed