Real-time leaderboards

Can we have real-time rankings and leaderboards without the current caching delays and discrepancies between what different people see when they look?

As a programmer I know how it feels to be asked for something that seems impossible. But this one is not impossible. Redis is free, widely available, and offers Redis data types | Redis exactly for this use case. Using a master for writes and read-only replicas, this will allow unlimited querying of a live dataset with millions of users, tens of thousands of updates per second, and flexible backup and persistence.

The software already exists. It just has to be integrated into your infrastructure.

Won’t bring in any $ directly, so SG won’t spend any time on it, even if the software is free. They don’t care about improving the game at all. Improving roster management with robust sorting and filtering options would also be a great improvement and not a difficult endeavor, but again no direct profit so they’ll never do it.


For raids, the trick was logout for about 8 seconds. Then log back in. Raid rank is then current. This is also too short for someone to be able to roll you while logged out. It is helpful for players pushing their best raid rank. Not sure how it works with other ranked aspects of the game such as tournaments.