Real rewards for Ninja Tower

Y mira que el juego está chulo y es original, pero no entiendo esa racanería permanente que los único que hace es desincentivar a los jugadores

Efectivamente, cómo incentivar al que defiende sobre el que ataca, si el que ataca es el que está online, incentívalo para que se vaya contento, joder! Tiene muchas lagunas el juego, pese a estar chulo como bien dices.

Completamente de acuerdo

Yes, and that’s why my main goal was to complete with as little item usage as possible.
High spots are clearly for huge spenders, and try to reach a better place could meaning leaving behind other things (like good titan scores or decent monthly event placement).

As it is, i really feel like this tower is more there to drain your resources rather then give you emblems.


I agree that the rewards are pretty lame too. This event is incredibly time consuming especially since you’re give a separate bank of tower energy. So you’re doing all the normal grind on top of everything else.

I’d prefer if the event lasted two or three weeks and required World Energy so you could get to it at your leisure. It seemed like every evening once all my chores were done for the day, I finally got to my final tower chore. For all that grind, should be more than 10, 15, or 20 emblems.

Lastly, maybe the point is to make it a real drag to try and play so next time there will be more players to just opt out of playing and getting to level 35 gets you in the top 10k or something.


Just completed it - mostly just to see if I could - and what an expensive grind it was! Rewards should be massively improved. You can give huge rewards to someone who’s already got a sea of 5 star heroes, it doesn’t make much difference to them. They would smash most of us anyway but when someone weaker completes the tower the rewards make a significant difference to them.


I’m c2p (19 maxed 5*) and finishing in top 500, used a decent amount of tornados, arrows and bomb attacks but looks like i’m getting all those back +20 time stops and 70 Emblems each.
Didn’t have too much fun though, definitely felt more like a chore


Well said. To much items go into this tower for what? Not even a chance to do a pull. Its disgusting even for a player who spends here and there


What, no Ninja avatar for finishing? Why Small Giant, WHY??? :sob:

A simple fix would be put a very rare token like item, that can drop randomly from any floor and only in the tower.

GatherIng them grants an award that will give you something that anyone would enjoy — at the milestones.

100 = Avatar
1000 = ???
5000 = ???
10000 = ??? (Crazy: a costume that changes the element of one of your heroes)

And I mean rare — like once a year, people are in awe type, rare.

I played a game that had annadornment like this — it fit in a weird armor slot and was based on exponential math. It was a hat tip from a dev.

Had 20 levels - would be like if eating a 1* hero gave you a point. Anyone could do it. Most got to about lvl 9.

First Fully done ones started popping up 2-3 years later, but despite being an obnoxiously overpowered Item (it was a defense item - one slot of Like 60) no one complained. We loved it and thought folks were crazy.

Longer term — integrate the ToL with the NT; they have clear synergies.


The rewards and ranking are totally messed up. At floor 40 my reward will be one tier more than the lowest participation reward. Rewards and regrading needs to be overhauled


The rewards for those who completed the tower were pathetic. A member of our alliance bought the extra flasks, gems, Ninja coins the lot. They completed the tower on day 3 they enjoyed the complex nature of the challenge. But now they are considering future participation as they didn’t get any ninja warriors and ended up with 20 emblems set.
For those players that complete the tower there should be a reward like In challenge events of 50 each emblem, also last 3 rewards of 2,5,10 emblems should be more in line with rare challenge events rewards 250k (10) 500k (5) 1M (2).
Cut down rewards to top ten players and distribute more to the other 1.5 million active players


I think it’d actually be easier and fairer to set the price ranges in percentages from the total participants instead of top 250k, 500k, etc… :

Top 1%
Top 5%
Top 10%

And so on…

This way you ensure fair rewards since you never now how much will be the total participant number. This time there were obviously way more participants than anticipated. Having 2million people participating and trying to reach the top 50k is just a joke. It’s completely obvious that prices divided in defined percentile ranges is way better for the players.

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I totally agree with you about the lack of completion rewards. I worked my ■■■ off to complete the tower which was super tough as I have only three fully leveled five stars and the rest are four stars. I ended up ranked at 29k. I wish I never spent the time and battle items. After beating level 50 I expected to get something decent. Hey good job. Here are three emblems and a tornado. WTF?!?

First and foremost there should be some simple loot for completing level 50. An orb or whatever. Something.

Maybe the rankings need to be weighted on the average total power of your top 3 heroes maybe. Put the players into categories so you are only competing against the players who have similar total top 30 heroes as you. The fact everyone has to compete against the hero rich of us is frustrating. I’d like to know how many other players with only three maxed five stars finished the whole thing.


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