Real rewards for Ninja Tower

I’m c2p (19 maxed 5*) and finishing in top 500, used a decent amount of tornados, arrows and bomb attacks but looks like i’m getting all those back +20 time stops and 70 Emblems each.
Didn’t have too much fun though, definitely felt more like a chore


Well said. To much items go into this tower for what? Not even a chance to do a pull. Its disgusting even for a player who spends here and there


What, no Ninja avatar for finishing? Why Small Giant, WHY??? :sob:

A simple fix would be put a very rare token like item, that can drop randomly from any floor and only in the tower.

GatherIng them grants an award that will give you something that anyone would enjoy — at the milestones.

100 = Avatar
1000 = ???
5000 = ???
10000 = ??? (Crazy: a costume that changes the element of one of your heroes)

And I mean rare — like once a year, people are in awe type, rare.

I played a game that had annadornment like this — it fit in a weird armor slot and was based on exponential math. It was a hat tip from a dev.

Had 20 levels - would be like if eating a 1* hero gave you a point. Anyone could do it. Most got to about lvl 9.

First Fully done ones started popping up 2-3 years later, but despite being an obnoxiously overpowered Item (it was a defense item - one slot of Like 60) no one complained. We loved it and thought folks were crazy.

Longer term — integrate the ToL with the NT; they have clear synergies.


The rewards and ranking are totally messed up. At floor 40 my reward will be one tier more than the lowest participation reward. Rewards and regrading needs to be overhauled


The rewards for those who completed the tower were pathetic. A member of our alliance bought the extra flasks, gems, Ninja coins the lot. They completed the tower on day 3 they enjoyed the complex nature of the challenge. But now they are considering future participation as they didn’t get any ninja warriors and ended up with 20 emblems set.
For those players that complete the tower there should be a reward like In challenge events of 50 each emblem, also last 3 rewards of 2,5,10 emblems should be more in line with rare challenge events rewards 250k (10) 500k (5) 1M (2).
Cut down rewards to top ten players and distribute more to the other 1.5 million active players


I think it’d actually be easier and fairer to set the price ranges in percentages from the total participants instead of top 250k, 500k, etc… :

Top 1%
Top 5%
Top 10%

And so on…

This way you ensure fair rewards since you never now how much will be the total participant number. This time there were obviously way more participants than anticipated. Having 2million people participating and trying to reach the top 50k is just a joke. It’s completely obvious that prices divided in defined percentile ranges is way better for the players.


I totally agree with you about the lack of completion rewards. I worked my ■■■ off to complete the tower which was super tough as I have only three fully leveled five stars and the rest are four stars. I ended up ranked at 29k. I wish I never spent the time and battle items. After beating level 50 I expected to get something decent. Hey good job. Here are three emblems and a tornado. WTF?!?

First and foremost there should be some simple loot for completing level 50. An orb or whatever. Something.

Maybe the rankings need to be weighted on the average total power of your top 3 heroes maybe. Put the players into categories so you are only competing against the players who have similar total top 30 heroes as you. The fact everyone has to compete against the hero rich of us is frustrating. I’d like to know how many other players with only three maxed five stars finished the whole thing.


Not had any response from @Guvnor or @Staff_SGG about the suggestions made on this subject of fairer distribution of loot. Must of been filed in the no action required pile like all other suggestions.

What response are you expecting me to give?

Hang on:

Jeannie Gif 2

Did that help? Honestly tho, I’m just a player so… Literally nothing I can do sorry.

This was added in the V33 Release Notes which is an improvement in the rewards for Ninja Tower. And NO I have NO IDEA what it means, will look like or what loot you can/ could get.


An answer on the thread would of been nice

Disappointing that there was no completion award for new ninja tower but nice to see closer rewards at the top of the table for those who do complete.

But there is…?!!

There is a progress chest which unlocks on finishing Level 50.

Don’t know what’s in it yet so I’m not saying it’s a perfect answer but then… Neither does anyone else know that it isn’t…

Just noticed that there is a reward after every 10 floors Very nice. Perhaps we should ask the guy who has completed the tower already

Nice to see @Staff_SGG, @Guvnor the suggestions made in this thread incorporated into the event.
I have one other request that the portal for ninja pulls remains open 24 hours after the event finishes as 2 months to wait to wait for to spend the tokens you have earned is a long time especially as you could have any 5 star pulls maxed for the next ninja tower event


I just wish that all would have got 4* mat and it wasn’t random loot. Tower has 2 months cycle, shouldn’t be random, IMO.


I think if the completion reward included 300 ninja coins in addition to everything else then I still wouldn’t chase it, but it would be fitting. This is the biggest challenge in the game, and it’s only here every two months. Giving people 3 more 3* heroes can’t hurt, can it? Challenge events give at least as much summoning power as the tower right now, and we can even beat those.

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Whoa…not everyone who finished Floor 50 and opened that chest got a 4* mat? That stinks. I did and just assumed everyone else would.


That’s great that they added rewards for completion but it sucks I blew my tornado and hurricane reserves to beat it last

Nope, I was one of them that didn’t get a 4* mat

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