Real rewards for Ninja Tower

How about some real rewards?
After 10 levels completed give us a troop token.
20 levels hero token.
30 levels hero and troop token.
40 levels a 3 star ascension material.
50 levels a 4 star ascension material.
Something related to that would be great.
Keep the ranking for the sweats but give others a reason to play the tower. I think these are fair rewards if the tower is actually challenging. There’s many games with towers and these are similar to rewards they have.

It’s currently ok because it’s new and different.
Not sure I like the idea of alternating this and ToL on a monthly basis but let’s see.
But the loot / rewards are a bit dire for the time and effort you have to put in. It needs a buff lol


Add additional way to freely collect Tower coins.

Currently the only way to collect Ninja Tower coins is by completing each floor or purchasing. This makes it hard for some while impossible for others(new players, lower teams & F2P) to collect enough for a single pull during 1 ”appearance” of the tower.

I suggest:

  1. 1 coin every level completed
  2. 5 coins every 5th level completed
  3. Every 10th level completed that many coins

Below are the TOTAL coins collected every 10nth level.

Level 10 20 30 40 50
Total coins 25 60 105 160 225

Why no completion reward in Ninja Tower?


Hello e&p gamers,

I am an f2p player and enjoy the game just like that (slowly building up, collecting stuff etc). So far I have been able to enjoy the game content because at the end of every event I could earn a couple of free pulls among other things. This way I got lucky sometimes and got a couple of fancy heroes like Deake from tol.

In the new ninja event it seems I will nkt be able to do a single pull. Really? And don’t tell me I would have gotten a 3* anyway bc that is not always true, I got all my 5* heroes for free.

I feel honestly disrespected, my activity and (most importantly) skill should be rewarded with at least a couple of free pulls. The chances are so low anyway, why do this?

There is still time to fix this as the event is on for a couple of more days. Send all players 200 free coins, or increase the coin coubt, or anything which redeems the situation. You have a chance to do it still and not push us out of this game.


I can agree with that and so far I feel that the effort and time it takes to do the Ninja Tower are not in balance with the rewards given. 2 of each emblem is meh.


I too am not enjoying this Ninja event! I token per floor? Come on…it takes a lot of effort and strategy to get through a floor without having your heroes cursed or defeated by the boss at the end! This is truly the least of my favorite events so far and in the future I will probably not be playing it. As for spending $ which I do carefully, I will not be spending any on this event! Sorry Devs, you usually do a great job imo, but not this time.


Totalmente de acuerdo, solo lo estoy jugando para entretenerme, cero gasto de recursos ,META:CUANTOS HEROES MALDITOS AL FINAL DEL EVENTO (solo x un par de monedas inservibles y un par de emblemas ? no gracias)lo arruinaron muy pronto una pena


I didn’t even start this event too much time and in game material cost for me to recive hmm nothing? Few emblems? Can’t even pull ONCE for free no thanks…


I came here to say exactly that.

I play most F2P games and sometimes make small purchases.

I always participate in the events and I am very happy to have the chance to call in the end.

But this Ninja event was clearly made for those who spend a lot of money on the game. We will not even get 1 free call.

Thanks to F2P at the beginning, the game gained this fame and now we have been forgotten.


The reward tier for this event is garbage and should be based on percentage like with the raid tournaments. I would be more upset though if the rewards were actually GOOD! What’s the draw to this event, though? I really want to know.


It does feel like this event is just an excuse to have another summon portal.
Players get no summons even if they complete all 50 levels; unless you count the additional Tower Coins after completing the event, that can be added to get a single pull the next time the event rolls around.
This means little incentive to do the event outside of Emblems for FTP or PTW players.
PTW, will simply use cash to generate summons and FTP will be left event further behind than other event heroes, where at least there’s an opportunity to do a couple pulls per event (while the event is actually live).

Very discouraging decision that I hope is tweaked (considerably) for the next Ninja Tower.


Just don’t play it. I’ll still play the event because it’s different, but I could careless if I get a ninja. Way to many other heros I would rather try and get.

I think that was the original poster’s thought. There is great incentive not to participate, which is not want any developer wants when they roll out new game content.


This is exactly what the OP says in this thread.


Maybe this is coming from someone who, despite having played only a year into this game and is just now finally getting enough 5* heroes to do two rainbow teams minimum and stack with two legendaries in one team, I’d maybe double that a bit.

  • 10 stages, x2 Troop Tokens
  • 20 stages, x1 Hero Token x1 Troop Token
  • 30 stages, x2 Hero Tokens x2 Troop Tokens
  • 40 stages, x2 Hero Tokens x2 Troop Tokens, x2 unfarmable 3* ascension mats (at least one of each)
  • 50 stages, x3 Hero Tokens x3 Troop Tokens, x2 unfarmable 4* ascension mats (at least one of each)

At least for me, I really want more Hero Tokens because those things are becoming very obsolete that having them be as rare as they are is a little irritating since it’ll still be Karil/Dawa/Isshtak/Renfeld/Jahangir. Unironically, I still get excited when I get them in Daily Summons, but in Epic Hero Summons, they’re a pain to see.

I kinda hope that reward system, when it concludes, at least gives you more than 2 coins. Gonna end up stocking up on Tower Energy Flasks…


Yes the reward tiers on this are ridiculous… millions of people playing this game and the SEMI decent rewards don’t start until rank 5000?


Maybe if the tower rewards tavern coins instead of ninjas… that would be nice

Now it’s looking like about 200 emblems from floor drops plus a whole bunch of experience and random stuff.

Personally I crave emblems more than ascensions mats (thank you summoning rng for the last 3 months!) So the challenge is still worth it for me. Focusing on just the summoning aspect seems a little blinkered, even if I do acknowledge there should have been one full summon in there

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