Ready to move alliances? Idle Hands wants you! 13-14* titans

Idle Hands is a hard-hitting group that kills 12-13* titans routinely (and 14* if its rare), but still has a casual feel. We have a great culture and are hoping for more to add to it. We are always looking for good titan killers to make 14* titan kills routine.

Our expectations are simple:

  • Hit the titan
  • Use all War Flags, or sit out
  • Have Fun!

See you there!
Idle Hands!

The group is full of casual spenders that have strong teams, yet there is no pressure to try and pull every top tier hero.

We don’t tell you who to level, or who to give emblems to. We of course offer our opinions, but the game is yours to play how you want in the end. As a team, though, we do want titan hits and war flags used (or you can opt out of war).

I believe we have found a good balance between a strong alliance and a free autonomous play style in which you are still able to make your own decisions with your heroes, your emblems, and most importantly your money.

We would love a few like-minded people to join. Come see if we’re a fit today!!

Idle Hands!

Idle Hands is a great Alliance to be apart of. Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming. And more than willing to offer help or advice.

If anyone is looking for a new home we would love to have you on board.

We are still looking for strong but casual players and are currently taking down 11* and 12* with 26 team members.

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Great alliance. Come make idle hands your new home. Consitant titans, good war results and casual vibe.

We’ve had a few strong and laid back additions to the alliance recently. We have room for a few more–come check us out and see if we’re a fit today !!

Come join us. You won’t regret it.

We have room for a few hard hitters that are eager to try something new. Check us out and see if we’re a fit today !!

We’re currently looking for 1 casual but competitive team mate. Come check us out!!

I’m interested but do I have to change my avatar to join??? I just saw your uniform.

No :wink:

We just all switched avatars for this war. Come as you are!

We’re currently looking for 2 casual but competitive team mates. Come check us out today!!

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