Ready to level my first 5 star heroe, but which one?

Hi there,

I was wondering If someone could help me to pick my first 5 star to fully ascend and emblem?
My hunch is that all of my 5 stars are niche heroes, and none of them would really be a game changer in my Squad, but maybe I’m wrong?

Here’s my current fully ascended 4 star roaster:
Blue: Grimm, C.Kiril, Jott, Sonya, Triton
Yellow: Griffin, C.Chao, Wu Kong, Hu Tao
Red: Scarlett, C.Boldtusk, Guardian Falcon
Purple: C.Rigard, C.Tiburtus, Ameona, Sabina, Cyprian
Green: C.Melendor, Gadeirus, Almur

These are my unlevelled 5 stars:
*Yang May (x2)
*Guardian Gorilla

Is any of these 5*'s worth spending ascension mats on, and which one would make me stronger?

Current main squad:
Scarlett; Grimm; Rigard; C.Melendor; C.Chao

Thank you for your help!

You have some really good 5*

Alfrike is amazing, you will love her

Ratatoskr is great fir blue titans and he is just good 5* helaer

Thor is strong attacker if you have mana troops at level 11 or higher he will charge in only 6 tiles

Both, Yang Mai and Guardian Kong are good 5* worth mats, first I would probably max Kong because of cleanse

Magni is really good and strong sniper, he is worth mats too

Malicna and Thorn are also good and worth maxing but after heroes that I listed earlier

Khagan hit strong but he is third in red queue currently but you probably will get something better after maxing Yang and Kong


Alfrike is the clear stand out. Thor is the second one that stands out to me.

I expect Alfrike to be the consensus recommendation.

Thank you for providing your current roster and options. Always helpful to give input when we know more.


*Guardian Gorilla


It may be worth considering - does your alliance coordinate tanks? Maybe one of those heroes would be great as an addition to both your attack and defense teams.

Alfrike is amazing, but needs good heroes to support her, so she is around long enough to charge.

Ratatoskr would be a good choice. A 5* healer will have tons of uses, and he’ll improve titan attacks, which can get you more mats for the next hero.


Going to have to go with the majority and say Alfrike is the glowing 5* you have. I’d put Rat next due to he’s healer and the boosted tiles are blue titan killers.


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Yellow: Thor
Purple: Alfrike, Malicna
Red: Yang Mai
Blue: Magni
Green: Ratatoskr

Prio: Alfrike, Magni, Ratatoskyr, Malicna, Yang Mai

Prio from left to right.

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Honestly max out Alfrike first - she is amazing and you really will not be disappointed.
Then focus on Thor next
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Guardian Kong

I’m wondering if it’s worth going “very slow” on the very first 5* being ascended. Since you’ve got good healers in 4*, I think I’d go with Thor or Magni. If you have the mats, you could level them both at the same time (color-leveling) and still finish them in a month or so.

It depends on what you use them for. For defense I’d go with the majority and take Alfrike. For attack I would be closer to Magni as a fast sniper with his defense buff.

I think you should start with a tank, so Alfrike. Then I’d go with Kong because he’s a cleaner and he can be flank

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