Ready to let your inner punk run rampant? Join Punk Rampant now!

Greetings Everyone, ZapperCat here, leader of Punk Rampant!

A couple of months ago I set off to run my own, independent alliance and I named it “Casual Hitters” with the idea that I would form up a group of players who loved Empires and Puzzles but might not be playing on a daily basis anymore. I cut down my game play however I still found I was playing daily, which was just fine, then I noticed Vivenna was running a new alliance herself and I proposed we join forces. Thus Casual Hitters and Vivenna’s alliance, Bad Intentions, merged, I became a colead and all the Hitters became Baddies!

A few weeks later alliance wars came out and Vivenna and a few other maxed players wanted to compete at the top level, so they left to various alliances while I happily stayed on board with all the new players who we were shepherding to greatness. Much like my “casual” game play or the “bad intentions” of would be neer-do-wells like Vivenna, there is an element of irony in being part of a funky group of “Punks” and if that appeals to you, you will find more than your fill of enjoyment here!

So what is Punk Rampant really all about these days? We’ve got 20 or so new and developing players who take a more or less casual approach to their time commitment to the game but like me the best fun they have is found in alliance crushing, titan stomping victory! We’ve won our first alliance war and are thriving on a steady diet of medium sized Titans. If you’re new to the game and want a place to learn to be awesome, I will take you under my wing, if you have risen to the highest heights of Empires and Puzzles and are now ready to toy with the competition like I do then join me as my Brother or Sister in Arms!

A few other key notes and fun facts…

If you know the source of our Alliance name you automatically earn a spot on the team!

We have a Stryder and a Gimli in our ranks and I sense they are very lonely without their pointy-eared friend… any player named Legolas also gets an instant seat at the table!

One of our members recently rubbed elbows with a great Wizard, creator of Necron 99, and if you get that reference super kudos to you!

Mystery Quote: “I pray you sir, what saucy merchant was this that was so full of his ropery?”

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