Ready for 'pirates of correllia?'

I mentioned it in a previous post: how do I get a better score in Knights of avalon?( 3*)One person said I had to have some more upgraded heroes, but because we were already halfway on that event, I asked what to do for ‘pirates of correllia’ So I got some good advice there. Is there anything more you people can suggest, so my score would be higher than in Knights of avalon? Here are my heroes:

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Maybe items, I’m not ready yet with them, I’m short on crude iron for arrows and iron in general for all the battle things :frowning:

Pulling wise I’m not kinda wanted a bit more time to get some gems coins etc…
But use what I got.

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For Rare use minor mana potions, mana potions, arrows and axes for your items. When you get a nice starting board that kills the first enemy wave and (hopefully) charges your hero skills, use your skills to kill the second wave and items to kill the bosses. In later stages you’ll want to have two really good moves – one that clears wave 1 and another for clearing wave 2 with some help from your skills.


Regarding your mono-teams, the best colors for this event are yellow, red and blue. Make sure you consult the :star2: Memento 5 Challenge Events guide for the minion color information – you’ll want to stack strong against minions so you kill them quick and reach the bosses using the least amount of moves (thus reaching them faster and taking the least amount of damage).

Your green team is benched for this event. It really won’t be any good.


Max Banes costume so he has more punch. He’ll be the hero that will likely get mana potions to deal as much damage to the bosses as possible so you clear the stage quick.

Dawa herself can be good for enemy crowd control if you give her rogue emblems – although that’s such a niche application that you may just want to get another Bane or Melia in the future instead.

If you’re aiming for top 100, consider keeping and maxing more Banes to replace Pixie and Gan Ju as well.


Leave Bauchan at home and bring Nashgar instead.

Max Hawkmoons costume and bring her with it on. Her attack buff will greatly help in dealing damage with skills for other heroes besides Namahage.

If you’re aiming for top 100, try this Spring event for Sq. Wabbit or keep any more Namahages you get from S2 summons.

EDIT: Oh there’s also a new S3 red hero, Ei-Dunn. She is basically a fire element version of Chochin, and she’s going to be very good for this challenge event as well. I’d replace Jahangir with her if you snag and max her.


If you get Gunnar’s costume, replace Ulmer.

Karil will be good until Nordri is released this Thursday (blue elemental defense down). So if you snag Nordri and can max him quickly, replace Karil with Nordri.

If you are aiming for top 100, try and get more Gatos to replace Vodnik and Valen.


I also got a ton of advice midway through Avalon and suddenly started to do a lot better. I think I may have even completed it if I hadn’t run out of decent items. Since then I’ve been upgrading my forges so I can produce better items and am stocking up on the larger potion pots and better weapons. Lots of farming in an attempt to get more metal, steel and firestone.

Others here can give you better help concerning specific heroes and their abilities but that would be my advice - Get those forges working at full pelt!


Being belith heal n dispel could be an option as rather have hitters on red than bring hawkmoon as play 2-2-1 normally on challenges.
Edit- this on top scores not completion of the challenge iv just realised

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I think bringing Minor Antidotes will be useful in stages that have Lady Locke and Peters and of course, a buff dispeller for Marie-Therese. I didn’t try antidotes as much last Pirates, so I’m curious to see if I can have better success when I’m not constantly silenced by Peters or dying from increasing damage that’s difficult to overcome from Lady Locke’s Moonlight Serenade. Thankfully, Locke’s special is dispellable with antidotes.

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Now that is information I can work with. Thank you very much!!!

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I also forgot to mention another S3 hero that’s being released tomorrow, if you get Ei-Dunn she’ll be great for your red team :slight_smile: I edited in to that post:

Really useful, even for veterans who haven’t focused on being competitive!

I’m just looking sadly at my 4 1/1 Namahages and 1/1 Rudolph. And my 1/1 Hawkmoon costume. But BT and Falcon took precedence!

What’s the general feeling on Melia for yellow?

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Melia has high match damage, crit buff is helpful for increasing damage for your yellow stack in the 2nd wave of the tougher stages, and her special can help take out early stage enemy waves quicker.

Her special attack doesn’t hit very hard though, so it’s generally better to have more Banes for higher output with skills in the boss rounds (particularly later).