Read beta tester/dev notes

I purpose after an item is released, Ninja Tower, the notes between the beta-testers & devs be released. I believe this will give more insight into the creation process and hold SG to following the suggestions of the beta testers.

I don’t have hopes for this idea to actually be implemented.

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Similar but separate idea!

I very much doubt that will happen. As what happens in beta stays in beta.
Only reason we get beta threads on new hero’s is stuff gets leaked out and causes more of a S storm than needed thanks zephyr1.
There does seem to be a issue though beta players have openly said they said this or that on this forum or in videos, on what they thought should be done.
Is It more case nobody is listening to them?

Exactly. I think that’s the main point of OP’s idea. If the devs know that the beta testers’ suggestions are going to be made public, that puts pressure on them to at least seriously consider those suggestions. As it is now, they (apparently) mostly get ignored, and there’s no accountability in the process.

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I’m out of votes, otherwise you’d get one. You’ll have to settle for my commenting bumps. =-]

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Well they don’t listen to beta players why would they listen to others on here? Well they do until its gone live then everyone chimes in with opinions by then too late and it’s a mess.
Look at the reflect thread in bugs players see issues and comment on it there a post by rigs saying " these people know more about the game then thee devs maybe hire them" how did that mistuko reflect wasnt tested in beta baffling to me as ain’t many riposte hero’s or reflective on special the ninja is Blue it may come up in beta but was it igronerd? Sure it could be all made public but it wouldn’t change anything.

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