Reactivating an old account

Hi all. A friend has come back to the game. And wants his old account back. He’s not played in 6 months plus and can’t remember his log in details. Anyone know a way of getting this account back?? TIA

He should contact support. But I really don’t think those guys will give him access to any account, even a 6 month abbandoned one, without solid proof that he’s the original account owner… I would say that in the absence of solid evidence chances of account recovery are slim to none… there are tens of thousands of abbandoned accounts, anyone could come and say, Hey! That’s my old account, give it back!

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It’s my understanding that game accounts are directly tied to the Google Play / whatever Apple’s equivalent to that is.

Contacting SG about it would be absolutely futile. Their game account may actually still exist in the game… but in the case of Android at least? It’s probably linked to a Google Play account.

Much better off contacting Google in that case.

(or Apple, if it was on an iPhone)


If he had his old account connected to Google play he should open the Google play games app (not the play store!) and open the game through this app. It should automatically load the game with his saved progress…


That’s my understanding too, especially if your friend’s email address hasn’t changed :thinking:.

Thank you all for your help. He has got it sorted now. Thank you for the help…


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Yes, but I’m in mothballs due to some RL stuff (moving, surgery, recovery). Apparently I get to keep the hat though. :grin:


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