Reaching back out to an in game message

Hello E&P family. Killa here received a in game mail from you guys see how you could help or support me in game. Well I have thought over it alot. My first request would be if there are any up and coming spots available for being sponsored in this game or future games you guys are working on if so I’m very interested in what that would Intel. My discord is public and easy to reach me there killa2411#1952. 2nd I would like to get into beta with the ability to report the new and up in coming events heroes base buildings and more. Would love to be your go to for North America. Lastly being such an invested gamer in to your wonderful game. Have u thought about making a bigger package deal or package deals that granite the hotm, max lvling a hero or even a summons clear package deal. If u do the math I’m talking about $200-$1000 deals but to secure the target hero or heroes. I would be highly interested in this considering the amount of heros I have and summons I do. Thank you for a wonderful game and I’m looking forward to hearing more from u in the future. One of your biggest fans and supports Killakilla2411_Youtube. Aka Killa

How do I bookmark this for future reference? Would love to hear the devs response.

@Pops Below the post, you should see the link button and three dots. Press on those dots, and you’ll see where you can bookmark this. Alternatively, you can scroll down to below Topic Controls. There is a circle with the word “Normal” next to it. Press it, and you can select “Watching” if you would like notifications.

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Don’t think that they reply. They don’t sponsor players and Beta content is not allowed to share. Also guaranteed HOTMs for P2W Players was -until now- always denied in order to keep a balance between cashers and F2P-players.There was a little shitstorm when the emblems got buyable, I am sure too many players would leave if important and most wanted heroes can be buyed in future.

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