Re-wards versus effort / return to Morlovia

Not sure what the beta team was thinking when they played this 12 - 16 flags for 8 recruits and 8-7 loot

It looks like most of the big mat loots are purchased. Of course. Is there a reference somewhere for what each ascension item is for? I have no 5* heroes yet, so like should i even worry with mystic rings?

I totally understand you. I’ve been in your shoes. But believe me, when you get 5* heroes your game becomes another thing, and you start aiming another goals.
I’ve waited 5 months to gather 6 4* items (like rings) to ascend my first 5*. When you get there, you will definitely regret not taking the chance to purchase the item FOR FREE ( yes, $10 is the best value for 1000 gems and you get the item as bonus). But maybe it is far in the future for you, and anyone should choose wisely how to spend money in a game. I wholeheartedly REGRET the amount I spent here (more than $3000 in more than a year), só you are the best person to decide to invest or not.


Someone please check me. Mount umber is soon, no? I need one set of mystic rings. Please confirm mount umber is coming. Want to make sure I don’t screw up and miss out on the last rings I need to ascend Gravemaker.

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It would be now next October to the 26th.

Thanks. So since I only need 1, I can wait. Just my luck, I’ll get 5 rings fastvagain and need another one again. :man_facepalming:

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