Re-wards versus effort / return to Morlovia

So looking at Return To Morlovia it seems to me that the rewards for spending a lot of time and energy to complete could / should be a little better . Seems like a trap tool and the royal tabard Plus a couple of epic tokens for completing the entire normal and advanced stages is not enough incentive or am I being greedy. This is just a thread for discussion and of course as always I keep an open mind :sunglasses:

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The rewards are pretty standard for these special events. I was hoping for more crude iron.


I’ll complete it and be happy with my rewards. It is a nice change of pace. World energy seems kind of high but it is what it is.


Don’t discount the value of those avatars for the people that already have everything else, but yes that’s a TON of flags for advanced.

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I agree with your thinking and after I posted I realized I’ve been pretty bored lately so this is something different thanks for your input

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I’ll take the Royal Talbard even though though I wish it was a Mysterious Tonic instead. World Energy cost is ok considering the event up for two weeks

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It is Return to Morlovia…
I think it is an excellent seasonal Event; you get everything you would get farming (food, iron, recruits), plus there are rare ascension items and guaranteed crafting items for the forge - you earn xp points to progress your account… and you can enjoy fighting some increasingly difficult levels as a change from farming the same levels over and over.


I need to proofread before I post. I am new at this thank you for the heads up on the proper title . Is there an edit feature? But most of all thanks for your game sans in looking at the quest through different eyes I guess that was my point of the post and I am enjoying the responses

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Im too weak to get the tabbard unfortunately :frowning:

Sucks because I could definitely make good use of it. I bet with the right items I could get the trap tools atleast, though it depends on the enemies on that level


I have nothing to do, they could not install this crap

The crafting materials in advanced are top notch too…at first blush it looks bad but in reality, for me at least, it’s totally worth it.

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It’s new, it’s fun, it’s challenging. It’s worth doing, quit overthinking it.

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It does last for 16 days…so unless you rush to completion it shouldn’t be a big drain each day.

I think the rewards are reasonable. But I really like that the event has a different feel to it, even though it is the same basic mechanics. Little changes up add variety and make it feel like less of a grind and actually make it interesting for those of us who spend most of the map time just farming and waiting for the next map sections of S2 to open.


Let’s take stage 18 and 19 for reference.
They gives 6 meteor fragment, 6 orychalcum nuggets, one tornados and 1 timestop for 32 energy flags.
Or another way of saying it: 7 nuggets, 7 meteor fragments, 1 grymoire powder and 2 irons.

It’s like running 11 times 8-7 and find 1 or more of them everytime in a row.

Yes, veeeery bad.

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I was actually looking forward to mats , all those ham , Xp ,irons and forged items are not motivation for me, my base accounts for more of those resources, as for XP it doesn’t add value to my game.

Without mats items , I’m getting bored already with the normal stages. Besides, to aim at just one Tabard my heroes are not strong enough for the final stage of the advanced quest , most of my heroes are stucked at waiting for mats.

The only good news from the preview of the first daily offers is , it has guaranty mat . At least, it is direct buying without gambling. Don’t want to raise issue on P2W, the event should compensate SG for their hard work in preparing the event .

The mats from the daily offers are good for me so instead I am looking at the daily offers .

I like it - much more interesting than farming for recruits until Atlantis starts. I’ve got my eyes on that Royal Tabard too as I’m able to get Hel up to final ascension with it too. As others have said, plenty of time to complete, shouldn’t be an issue.


My Hel has been at 70 for over 3 months so I would do anything in game for a tabard that doesn’t envolve paying gems so a small chance at one.

I just completed lvl 10 and I have found it enjoyable so far. I like how the pumpkins work. However, I am worried about the 4K power level listed for level 20. Not sure 3700 will be enough even with items. It also seems it would be discouraging for a good percentage of players.

I also hat that the normal level is again almost pointless to complete

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That 4000 power required it’s only for show, even more if you have Hel (even on 3-70) blocking mana on the last boss.

I would say a good team of 4* heroes (something like Kiril-Wu kong-Jackal-Little john-Melendor) can finish the event preparing board and special before entering the last fight and (depending on the board) using some items.

And that team has 3472 power.

remember this is an event over 16 days, not 1 day. As in you need to do less then 2 stages a day. The effort involved need not be that high at all.

And at the end of it you are getting a 3* and a 4* ascension material for Advanced. These are invaluable. Ascension materials (especially 4* ones) are worth every single WE flag you will spend in this event, leave alone the mats and everything else.


Threads are the same ir it just me?

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