Re value Atlantis Portal

For people who finished Atlantis time before it gets really painful to gather a substancial amount of coins.
I doubt most players are able to gather 300+ Atlantis coins only from the Sea Dragons. (Yes, there are people that make it but im sure they are spending or lots of Loot ticket or lots of flasks 25+ or a combination of those)

This Atlantis was really drought to me. I dont use loot tickets but play manually or in automatic most of the time. I have used at least 15 flasks and only gathered 50 coins.

The offers are not too many, only 4 good offers and one more that brings you only 300 coins if im not wrong. And its not the best deal either.

So, with few offers to pick from, with low rates of sea dragon, they shows up yes but not as often id like and the amount of coins they drop not always is high(today i got two SD that dropped me only 2 coins).

I would like to say a couple of things that could improve the portal a little bit.

  1. Lessen the gem cost at least to 300. We are paying 350 gems for a portal that is at least aged.

  2. Increase a little bit the sea dragon apparition rate or/
    Inceease the amount of Atlantis coins they drop.

  3. Add Atlantis Coins drop to other sources in the game, they are so scarse that are like a legend.

Not F2P friendly as the others but could work for C2P players. Add more offers. Update them. Challange events have their offer schedule updated, as well as others events. However Atlantis only offers the day 1 pack. Its likely someone is trying to make Atlantis a Gem portal.

Or keep it as it is, but remove season 1 heroes from the portal, only have season 2 + featured


@Lexxtarc there have been many suggestions to help get S2 heroes through different methods 2 I suggested months ago was TC 21 the ability to get ONLY S2 hero’s 3-5 star. Also make them available in monthly challenge events but @Staff_SGG @moderators use the deaf and dumb approach they don’t see any suggestions to improve the game unless it’s a cash cow still waiting for a response from them but like many suggestions I am not holding my breath waiting for a reply, good luck with your proposal.


Most of the S2 heroes seem to be redundant anyway. S1 has far better heroes overall. I really don’t think it’s a good idea to chase a particular powerful Atlantean hero like Wilbur, Proteus or Ariel, who probably are the only ones noteworthy here, or the featured heroes which are admittedly nice. I personally pull from this portal because Atlantis coins have no other usage, but to put gems in that thing? God forbid, no thanks.

I’d like to see you back up this claim

You can’t because it’s not true. If you search I think you’ll find plenty of suggested improvements from moderators.

See lots of suggestions from all I don’t see many responses from them, even if it’s a no this is not in our plans.

wish SG also make package 30 bucks for 30 pulls like tavern since atlantis featured old heroes and past HOTM…

I am actually surprised that they don’t do another offer for atlantis being its 3 days…
I always get the one on the last day as mainly for the WE flasks as to me it’s a worth it.
They could add just a atlantis coins offer x amount of coins for same price as the gems.
So gems, coins, gems coins flasks.

I’d also agree maybe lower the price as being S3 out, I personally won’t spend gems on it only coins I bought through said deal or ones I collect in through sea dragons.


I think that, at the very least, the gem cost should drop to 300.


Hi @F170Ian , mods are just player volunteers.

We lobby for the players on a daily basis and put our shoulder to many campaigns, like rejecting the recent OP costumes.

Mine was the first vote on this thread.

You’re welcome to constructive criticism, but let’s stick to the facts.


@JonahTheBard i have sent you a thread from October 2020 which clearly shows no response from SG please have a look and send me your thoughts it is again about S2 heroes. Jonah how do I become a moderator then I can bend the devs ears on game improvements on behalf of the community

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I could give you plenty of quotes from the forum where the moderators are not heeded, either.

Beta tester feedback is hit-and-miss with how much they listen. For example, when the entirety of the forum had an outcry about costumes for elite heroes, SG said “We hear you, but we’re gunna do it anyway” As a beta tester, I was first out of the gate with my horror at a few of the costumes. I feel particularly frustrated.

Moderation is more than getting access to the developers (who won’t listen anyway)… it’s about doing hours of thankless work and arguing with people who don’t have two brain cells to make a fire with, and keeping the peace amongst a sea of rabid trolls and antagonists. If that sounds like fun, maybe you’d be a fit… but it’s really not exactly as you envision it.


It’s pretty much in the spirit of what @PeachyKeen said.

I’d suggest reading the many posts of forum mod legends @Kerridoc and @Garanwyn and do your best to emulate their knowledge, generosity and wisdom. They are two of my inspirations.


Wholeheartedly agree on drop costs to 300 per summon, as 350 seems out of place now.

Then i already proposed to just get Atlantis coins as a regular drop for chests to keep it in line with other drops.


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