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I need to know as I can’t find anything on YouTube. From your strongest troop to your weakest. How exactly you put them in order. Like who to put your strongest troops on versus your weakest? There is definitely a strategy for this I am rusty on!

first choice is definitely Mana-Troops 4*
only these troops are making your special firing faster. best summoning for troops is during Ninja Tower (normal summons 10% chance for epic troops, Ninja summons 10% for epic + 5% for Ninja-troops4*).
start to level up Mana-Troops as soon as possible. Mana-Troops have a Mana bonus of 5% at the start, the bonus is going up 7/9/11/13/15%, the corresponding braking levels are 5, 11, 17, 23, 29
then you start your arithmetics. the aim is always making your heroes faster
in the beginning I needed a chart with the different mana bonuses (troops, costume, class, family etc). you find several good charts here in the forum


If I’m understanding your question correctly, it is best to put your mana troops on the heroes who would benefit from it (e.g. level 23 mana troops on an average hero). This is especially important in raids.

Another thing to look out for is the attack stat of the hero - you can assign troops with high attack bonus to heroes who have high attack stat so that you can increase your tile damage. This is a strategy for titans/events.

Crit troops are more tanky so you could equip a weaker hero with them so as to increase their survivability - e.g. Jott may survive a hit from a 13-14* titan with level 1 crit troops, but may not survive if you have equipped him with mana/ninja troops.

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Ok so say you have li xiu, joon, drake fong, ranvir, guin who’d get the strongest mana/troops versus weakest? Thanks for reply

Is it for raids or a titan/challenge event? Also, what troops do you have?

It’s difficult to give you advice without this information.

It’s raids and war wishing to know since war is kinda like raids and my troops are here and with addition of hero selection and line up

For your red team, that lv 11 troop would make a bigger difference on Boldtusk as he could then charge in 9 tiles assuming his costume is maxed. The lv 25 mana troop could be either on Gefjon for max attack (though if you have a Ninja troop, even at lv 1, I would give her that), or on Gormek for a 9 tile defense drop.

For purple, I would switch the lv 6 mana troop to Rigard to get him charged in 9 tiles.

For green, I would give Melendor the lv 7 mana troop to Melendor also to charge him in 9 tiles.

In general, mana troops work best where they can speed up heroes, especially if they bring the tiles needed to charge to a mutiple of 3 as that can shave off a whole 3-match. Notable boosts include:

*Lv 23 troops on average heroes (or lv 5 on average speed costumes. or lv 17 if you took the mana node on the emblem path)

  • Lv 11 troops on very fast heroes

For example

On my purples team, Killhare gets my lv 23 troop to bring her from 10 to 9 tiles (4 to 3 matches).

Kageburado and Clarissa get lv 11 troops so they can drop from 6.5 tiles to 6 tiles (3 to 2 matches).

Rigard and Tiburtus get lv 5 troops to bring them from 10 to 9 tiles once their costume bonus is factored in (also 4 to 3 matches).


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