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I am confused that why the opponent in the tournament has a very fast gain of mana so it does unload its skill very fast. While in my case it is very slow its like 4:2 ratio… Even fighting lower powered team kills me easily. Eventhough i got good tiles. Why is that. Unfair i say…

I wonder if your opponent had higher level troops? A picture of the team you were facing might also help to answer your question.

Were there any mana manipulators?

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It could also be rigged it’s easy for the devs to do not allow certain colors to fall make there mama faster I’ve seen special skills activate every turn it’s for money they will lie all day. Good luck remember it is just a game you can always not pay to play.

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There are many posts on the forum worth reading about the randomness of tiles - it’s a feature of the game. Here’s just one.

Money, or lack of it, really has nothing to do with the likelihood of favourable tile colour. :confounded:.

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The enemy’s mana gets boosted every time they are hit with a tile. So whilst a lot of tiles/cascades will charge your heroes, they will also charge the opposition. (They also get a small mana gain at the end of their turn.)

It’s a very fast tournament, all opponents skills will charge very quickly. And all your heroes regardless of troops will need 7 tiles to charge so it’s important to look for a combine of 4 to charge in time.

Actually I guess a +20 Hawkmoon and Gunnar can charge with 6 tiles in Costume form, and Bane and Brienne with costume but using regular form. I haven’t put a single node on any 3* hero so hadn’t thought about that.

Thank you for replying so quickly to that mild issue. I don’t know if it has raise up concern to adjust a little bit or should it stay as it is. At least now i understand. Cheers :+1:

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