Re: Timed Raids. Developers please READ all threads on here and Comment


Developers please READ all threads on here and Comment.

Alright… huge update on the Timed Raids issue! Timed Raids is in the new update. Non of you all will notice it. It’s because the timer will only kick in for Ridiculously super long raids…and ridiculous I mean maybe after 10 mins? I allowed a raid to go on for 7mins before I got tired of the wait.

So, It would have really helped if developers actually READ the forums so they could have come on here and actually EXPLAIN what they meant by “timed raids”. Communication is key here.

Anyhow, this was all for nothing. Timed raids really is not a thing unless you typically fall asleep while raiding.

Get rid of that stupid raid timer. It is pointless

Can you expand on why you think timed raids are bad. I got from your post that they are not something you would like, but it is not clear why you think they would ruin the fun as you say.

I am curious about your thoughts. :relaxed:


I personally am not wild about Timed Raids (if such a change is coming) because I like to leisurely attack my victims and not have to watch a clock.

I’m already finding Raids my least favorite part of the game (due to the ever-present seeming flaws in the system), and adding a Timer on top of that would be complete Boo.

My 2 cents. :wink:


I agree with what Rook posted. I’m still new and learning the ins and outs of the game but adding a time limit doesn’t seem like it’s going in the right direction.

How long have they really been going to where a time limit needs to be placed. I personally like to look at the board and take my time when attacking. This helps me take down higher ranked players.

I feel if it’s timed then we would be rushing just to make matches instead of seeing what would really be the best bang for my buck.

My 2 cents.


Interesting. To be honest I never even thought of timed raids until I saw this thread.

I do not like the timed Titan attacks either, but understand why they have to be that way.

Not sure how I feel about timed raids.


Personally, I love working the boards, doing my best to take out teams that are superior to my own. Making good matches, hitting the weakest link, coordinating my specials - that would likely fall by the wayside with a timed battle. I feel it is the part of the game where the strategy/puzzle aspect is greatest. Also, I am currently playing on a very old, slow phone. I’ve already seen my titan scores drop by 1/2 to 2/3 of the points that I was getting with my iPad. Really don’t want that to happen with my raids too!

Having said that, it depends on the time limit, and how the winner is determined. Battles where you have only a healer left on each team can go on forever from what I understand! Horrible stalemate.


I’m wondering what grapevine you heard it through. Unless the devs said something about it, I don’t think I’d trust it.

But my 2 cents is no, this would be a bad step. Raids are already bad enough what with my constantly rolling teams with full 4-5* heroes while I’m barely scratching by with 3* heroes on my attack team. If I have to rush my attacks, the few wins I do get will probably go up in smoke. I don’t need my wanted missions taking a week each to complete.


It came up in a special chat with the developers. The person involved in the conversation told me and few others about the possibility. This is a source I trust. I know it sounds fishy…at any rate now that it is out there whether it is true or not the more negative responses to the idea that the devs can see the better. So if it is even minor thought, now the devs can read that it would not be a good idea to go their and basically move on from that one.


Honestly I wish the devs would remove time limits on Titan attacks. I would love to have the time to plan out my strategy better in killing a titan.


It seems like there’s unanimity here - no one likes the idea of timed raids, myself included.

That makes me nervous. If anyone does like the idea of timed raids, could they please come along and explain the appeal?


After spending the evening thinking about what many of you shared, I too would join in saying no to timed raids. I can see why they are not needed.

Thanks folks for taking my request for input serious. It was nice to read the key points. :relaxed:


Just my 2 cents worth, but I say no the time raids well. They take out the chance of strategy that some might use in their systems of attack.


I say no to “time raids”.
It’s just how it is now.


I agree, I hate the idea of timed raids. If something comes up (a phone call, life, etc), and you can’t keep focus for just a moment… you are just out of luck. I feel the whole point of raiding is to be strategic, and I like that because even though it’s the same game essentially, if feels different than titan battles. I like the feeling of variety.


So basically timed raids is not a a real thing!


Timed raids were implemented in the latest update. The timer is hidden however. Not sure if it shows up towards end of the fight or only after it is at 0 as I have not personally seen it yet/


So they have timed raids now but we do not know how it works nor how long we have?

This has been a stellar week for them if their goal was to damage their game and hurt their fan base. This, the failure offer, their lack of real communication on a timely basis. Wow, not good.


agreed, the timed raids should show time for the entire raid. Is it 2 minutes like titan (I believe longer than that), is it 5, 10, 20?


they really do need to explain how the time raids work and when they kick in. Had them start on me in the middle of the raid and don’t understand how they are calculated to start, stop etc.I had one start; that said I had made 31 moves and x% of damage, Every time I hit the number of moves went up as did the charge percentage. I won, but I had no clue when the battle could end. Does it let you have 40, 50 hits or at a certain percentage point. I have no idea. It would also be nice to know when the time raids would kick in.
I think time raids are needed as I have had 20 minute stalemates and a fellow member battled for 75 minutes but we need the explanation on how they are calculated.


Oh, that must mean the time raid system is based on player’s turn and not a countdown timer like titan raid. Thats a really great way to implement it imo. At least we can take our time planning on our move.