Re-read all dialogue / cutscenes from story mode

Is there anywhere we can read all the dialogue from story mode? I’ve searched the forum and Google numerous times but I can’t find anything. It would be nice to be able to look back on all the “cutscenes” from the introduction, the first few provinces, etc.

It’s probably the worst dialogue ever, in any game, so I’m not quite sure why you would want to put yourself through that.
As far as I know though, the story is not written down anywhere.


Someone else brought this up a long while ago, and no good solution other than replaying with a new account was suggested then either, it seems:

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I don’t think there are any posts in #ideas-feature-requests suggesting adding a replay/re-watch/re-read function for in-game dialogue from story mode (though there are some posts related to improving the writing and storytelling).

Perhaps you’d like to create one, and we could have this thread and that other one merged into it as a starting point for indication of support?


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Despite the story plot being paper thin, I would’ve liked to see a reflections / gallery mode to recount the story dialogues in the game and make it an achievement whenever new chapters are unlocked / seen. I would like to see chapters in this gallery mode unlocked whenever a new dialogue is seen / triggered.

This includes finishing a province / starting a new one, starting / finishing a quest / class quest / challenge and seasonal events.

Although largely going to be considered non-essential and waste of time, the fact that this thread exists means some players are still interested in the story aspect of it.


Same as above. Sure there’s not much of a plot, but it’s still a plot - in fact, the cutscenes might be more interesting to people if they could easily recall what came beforehand. [SPOILER ALERT!] I for one was shocked when Kageburado attacked Mitsuko, but a few provinces later I found myself wondering whether she had died from the attack or not, simply because I had forgotten a few of the cutscenes.

So yeah. I’d love to see these things written down somewhere, even if it’s through a datamine and not in the actual game.


There was also a post about what happened to Commander Grey

Ok, the OP was probably asking if he was going to be a playable hero at some point, and later it kind of just becoming me trying retell what I remembered about the Season 1 story. Especially about the part where it was really vexing me to figure out who was with Grey during the tutorial phase (I remembered Lianna, and it was later reaffirmed that the other was Colen).

Even though some of the rest of the S1 dialogues were things that had no story plot other than Vivica and Richard just making general comments, I’d like to at least be able to go back and re-read some of them because I have already forgotten most of them. Season 2 tried to do a better job at storytelling, but I don’t think we ever (yet?) find out why Tarlak was furious with Misandra in the first place. If it was told, I don’t remember, and there is no way to replay those dialogues any more.

Finally, the existence of the community contents is to help address these issues. That there is a fanbase for the characters beyond the ones that were given voices/dialogues to. They are all very good reads and I think SGG hopefully would take notice.

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This is a no brainer, of course we want to see the dialogue,
Great idea.

I’ve always gotten confused between Grey and Thorne - they have the same uniform, the same stance, and similar facial hair. In fact, I forgot that they weren’t the same person until I read the forum. One of the many reasons I want to go back and read the story…

(Also I have a headcanon that Sonya and Isarnia are Grey’s daughters whoops)


I had also thought the same thing too (e.g. Commander Grey was Thorne) when I first started the game. It wasn’t until when we are almost at the middle of the story campaign that we were reminded again of Commander Grey. I mean, if he was anything like the Thorne as discussed by the players here, no wonder he got captured by the Dark Lord. But that’s the story for another day.

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Hi all,

I have finally finished Season 2 (Atlantis). Meanwhile I have only sketchy memories of the story.

It should be possible to look at the “cutscenes” at the beginning and at the end of a province again.

Thanks in advance

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Don’t think there is one for Season 2 (atlantis) or Season 1 but here is a thread which has been cataloguing the cut-scenes / storyline for Season 3 (Valhalla)


Well, somebody took the liberty of recording the Introduction with tutorials and posted them to YouTube. I didn’t watch all of it, so I don’t know the extent of the content. It goes for over an hour.

Hi SG,

short request. I really would love to watch those story telling videos again (no irony) when you complete a province in Atlantis or Valhalla.

Please give us the opportunity to watch them again.

Or is there a way I may have overlooked?

Thx, Viking

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No specifically what you’re asking for but here you can at least re-read the storyline for Season 3: 📯 Storyline – Season 3 (Valhalla)


I second this suggestion, and would like the same also for S1.

I too wish to reread the whole adventure. I am especially curious as to what happened to that Japanese chick, as I am getting near the end of Season 2, and there is still no word on her condition, and I could have sworn our medic was tending to her.

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I’ve been trying to recollect the best of my ability on some of the “major” story elements and been working on a wiki page that lists those particular elements. It’s not word-for-word exactly what happens in the game (primarily because Season 1’s cutscenes weren’t very memorable and being super-detailed would be boring). I wouldn’t mind rewatching the scenes themselves however and, like with some requesting a form of a Codex or Gallery that help in expanding the lore, it could help a much in documenting more about this game.

I wish a feature was added to S1, S2, and S3 on each province to watch the “story” again. It certainly is not super valuable literature, but since sombody wrote it and it is suposed to add context to the game, it would be nice to be able to go back and follow the story piece by piece again.

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If you are up to it, create a second account and replay everything.

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