RE:Raid Revenge - I was able to get revenge on a player twice

This player raided me

A few hours later I got revenge.

I got revenge from the initial attack again. (About 50min ago. 11pm est)

I did check to make sure that I didn’t get attacked by two different players. I wouldn’t have done it if I had realized it before I got revenge again. It wasn’t until after I had gotten the second revenge that I thought the name was familiar.

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Send in a ticket. The raid software has bugs.

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4x attack same player. How is possible?

Looks strange, but not impossible. Raids was not updated for a very long time

Raid software has bugs. Those are not new. Send in a ticket.

In my case, updating to v38 on ios has restored all my revenge history.
So I was able to revenge again for every player I revenged once.

I wonder if thats what happened with me. I noticed that this happened right after my app updated on saturday night.

I have now contacted support and given them the player name so they can (hopefully) look further into this. Thanks!

Don’t bank on a speedy solution. This issue is not new.

Same here – yesterday evening/today in the morning:

my ver: 38.0.0 build 1512

It comes to my attention that I already made a revenge three days ago, but the revenge botton appeared again after I won. This needs to be take of. Otherwise, we can revenge account twice. I didn’t risk to get my account suspend, so I want to inform Small Giant. Thank you

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@KiraSG @Petri @mhalttu @heive @Frank1 @Tohtori @Dax2 @Sara @Saanzi @Ninja

You may want to check on this.


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Please submit a ticket into Support using the in-game Support button of the affected account.

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I already sent the bug report today this morning. Please address immediately. Thank you.

Mr. Rogério Lima, player of the EP, reported that he attacked The TATRA52, the TATRA52 sought revenge and lose the first one, but after this he attacked more 3 times and winn all the three times.

As it is possible, are we having a problem at the watchertower?

Yep. Version 38 may have brought new bugs after fixing some old ones. I guess SG needs to maintain the balance of glitches in the game.

However, there are a few similar threads recently popping up and it may be related to this:


I had a similar situation yesterday, have been raided 5 times by the same players and won them all.

It could be a new bug as @Ultra has mentioned above or it could be related to this situation:


This is not new. I was attacked 4 times before.

Revenged. Won but system recorded as a fresh raid. That player revenged on me. This has happened more than once.

You can send in a ticket.

The WT raid arena needs fixing. I think it’s long overdue.

This just happened. Again for the Nth time. I took a SS this time for posterity. I sent in yet another ticket.

It’s unbelievable how inept the Devt Team is.

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