Re naming teams!

So you can start to see the trend here, I’m a slow learner.

Again, after a year of not knowing, I suddenly realised, by pure accident, that you can actually rename your teams instead of ‘Team 1’ , ‘Team 2’ etc!!

So I’ve happily done teams with names like ‘Titan’ or ‘Auto on Hard lvl’ etc :joy:

I’d say most people have already realised this ages ago but I’m just sharing the excitement of my late discovery!!

For level 22-1 I replace Sabina with Vivica for auto farm


It’s a newer change. Was implemented when the option to purchase additional teams was implemented. Just wish it would show on the main roster screen instead of only the team selection/edit screen. Main roster screen still says team 1, team 2, team 11, whatever lol but haven’t complained since it’s really just an insignificant cosmetic that doesnt add anything to the game outside of convenience


Actually, you can also use in-game emoticons in teams names, for example if you surround sunflower with two colons, you’ll get something like this: :sunflower:FARM



Nice does it show up in the main roster screen or just team selection?

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I found this out by accident a few weeks ago too, nobody in my alliance seemed to have noticed it either!

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This came with the same update that let us purchase more team slots

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I really really really really appreciate you, that was one of my biggest problem.

Thanks again @FrenziedEye

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Np @nothing, I can’t believe I used Sabina on an autofarm team :man_facepalming:

I mean I know there is that setup done by @Gryphonknight I think where you use Wu and 4 healers but that’s different



The roster GUI needed revamping when they added Mana troops, Crit troops and alliance war.

But all the money is in merciless RNG summons, and roster GUI fixes do not increase gem summons.


Click for healers

Yellow 2* titans

My yellow 2* titan team is

Sabina 4*+18
Proteus 4*+18
Tiburtus 4*+18
Grimm 4*+18
Wu Kong 4*+18

With mana 4* Troops ( high attack stat) on Sabina.

Best purple hero attack stat for normal/ matching/ tile/ physical damage in my roster.

AR.6-9N, AR.1-3N

For AR.6-9N, AR.1-3N auto farming I use fighter Boldtusk 4*+b18 ( I do not have ranger Rigard 4*+c18 ) and the Wu Kong Grinder Gang.


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Yup QoL changes are last on the list

Fortunately sheets is mobile friendly and easy enough to sort heroes, troops, progress, etc anyways

Plus once i started using pre set teams for everything, the rest of the heroes are irrelevant outside of oddball situations

6 war teams
5 titan teams
Farm team
Test team
Leveling team
Defense team

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