Re-match oversight problem

So, if you click on the rematch button after a loss and the player you are attacking comes online at the same time, you get the middle finger without even a notice. You get a new opponent instead(!).

What happens then is you immediately press the fight button not looking/noticing the change and get screwed even more.

I understand we cannot attack online players but why revenge can warn you and you have to wait if you want to fight that particular player, and when raiding you get silenty shafted??

Aha, I wondered what was up with that, it has happened to me quite a few times.

Lemme explain.
So I am training like for 11 hours or something, getting my ski mask, crawl on those bushes in the back of your house (man, can you tell that dog he better bag his business after?) then I sneak in through that kitchen window and I attack your pantry.
Got some sandwiches and some nice flatware sets in my attack and the one-eyed neighbor of your got me a shiny cup, now you wanna revenge and get in my kitchen when I’m home?
C’mon, man!
Can’t you just wait until you see me going at work and you can just knock at the door and my sexy fat girlfriend is alone she’s gonna give ya some food and iron to chew, but don’t come trick-or-treating when I’m in my living room, I’m watching football. GTFOOH.

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I’ve moved this over to bugs/issues because it’s happened to me and it is an issue. @anon96970591 I don’t think the OP was complaining about not being able to raid someone on line. The problem, as I’ve encountered it, is that the team you set up to attack is not the same team that first showed up on the screen.

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I have not experienced this but I suppose the system should simply prevent the attack and warn that the enemy has come online , it shouldnt automatically reroll to another player .
If it does I think you need to get the capture image and detail forward to support for review .

This just happened to me. Luckily I noticed before hitting Attack but I thought I was going crazy as I know I hit rematch. Kind of bummed because I barely lost and I thought there is no way the board will give me infinite amounts of my missing color again. Thanks to this post, I just checked and the opponent is online.

I guess they fixed it with the new update as I just tried to re-match and got the warning that the player is online.

Better late than never :slight_smile:

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