Re-envision my blue 3tack

I struggle against red tanks. Especially Elena and Gravemaker. Honestly, it’s comparable to my results against Kunchen and Ursena. Part of the reason for this is that my blue 3tack is the only one that still relies on two four star heroes. I’ll soon be in a position to change that, but I need a little help figuring out how to incorporate the new heroes.

Current Blue 3tack

Firing order: Kiril +17, Frida +7, Grimm +18. The key to this team has always been to just make 10 blue tiles and enjoy the powerful timing synergy. The biggest problems is that Grimm is very fragile and that Frida is too slow to dispel in some situations.

New Blue 3tack

There are four big changes coming:

  1. Ariel will be maxed soon. At +0 she’ll basically have the same survivability as Kiril but with a better attack stat. She will also be getting Cleric emblems going forward.
  2. I am fairly close to bumping my primary mana troop to level 23, providing that tile breakpoint for one of my numerous average speed heroes. Even with my old blue 3tack this would be a major boon. This is a no-brainer and I should just put it on the healer, right?
  3. Isarnia is +6 now and climbing (N.B. no costume). Her attack stat is now equal to Grimm’s (both are emblemed on an all attack path) but with better survivability. I could sub her in but have been holding off due to the timing synergy of the average speed heroes. Ariel + level 23 mana troop will shift that, so I’m wondering if it’s time to get her in for Grimm.
  4. Vela is next in line and while I don’t quite have the mats, I’m close. In situations where I don’t need an obvious dispel from Frida, I’m wondering if she’d be a better option.


So I think there are two questions:

  1. Who gets the level 23 mana troop?
  2. Besides Ariel, who out of Frida, Isarnia, Vela, Grimm, Kiril, and Aegir (+0) are my other regular two? Again, assume I’m going to use Frida in all cases where a dispel is obviously called for - I need help for the other general cases.

Thanks for your help! I think I’m struggling with this because my blue 3tack has so long relied on the same speed synergy that it’s hard for me to evaluate how changing that (some faster, some slower) will play out. Also, my heroes are generally average to slow, which has resulted in me developing a predominantly grind-y playstyle. That is, it’s not as though I can look at my 3tack in another element and infer how the speed differences will play out in actual raids.

Ariel, Aegir, Isarnia would be a crazy grind-style stack - arguably the best healer in the game, spirit link and one of the most punishing AoE hitters…
But it kinda depends what you have in other colours, too.

There’s an argument for your 3 in a 3-2 being the primary damage dealing side of things with the 2 being supportive… Generally, though, I tend to think it’s attack stat (tiles) that matters there rather than attacking specials.

A 3 like I suggested above would reinforce things for the alt colour “2” - so it kinda depends what you want to run with it (namely if other colours are heavy on attackers or supporters, fasts or slows, etc).

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I think Vela will be a huge help for you against red tanks due to the attack debuff, extra damage against red and increased crit %. Since your primary concern is staying alive for medium/slow heroes to fire, I would try to work her in as much as possible as a fast hero to bridge the gap.


Hi @IvyTheTerrible You deserved more replies for this!
I’m not on great form today, so can’t contribute too much, but a few points:

I like the “3tack” terminology! Is that a thing, or did you just invent it? It’s neat.

I am nowhere near a Level 23 mana troop, so no direct experience, but I would think it would always be with Ariel - yeah.

Isarnia - she was my first ever maxed blue 5*. In some ways I regret using the 'scopes on her as I feel I have better options now. I think I just don’t really get on very well with slow heroes. I use her against red titans where I can use mana pots, but otherwise she sees little use. Maybe I have prejudiced myself against her? Still mainly prefer my +18 Grimm.

I am still slowly levelling Vela so have not really used her - all I know is I have lost quite a few battles when facing her, so I think she could be great!

For the team with dispel required, I think I would be aiming for Ariel-Frida-Vela and see what happens (I don’t have Frida or Ariel :slightly_frowning_face: )

For the team with no dispel then maybe try Ariel-Vela-Isarnia??? But I still can’t quite get my head around SLOW Isarnia.

I’m still making do with picking from a selection of Aegir +7, Alasie, Isarnia, Kiril +18, Sonya +14 and Grimm +18 so am interested to hear how you get on

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I usually play 4-1 and do quite well with a similar team: Frida, Aegir, Proteus+20 and Grimm even without talents. Maybe try out 4 blues… Two matches will often kill the tank

EDIT: I meant Triton+20 of course, not Proteus…

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Ariel should get the lv23 mana troop
Isarnia and Vela would ideally be the other two…

But you can also try to bring Sonya sometimes :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank for the responses, everyone!

@BubblesUK, interesting idea on the double healer formation. You’re right that it would depend on the other two I’m bringing. I could try it if the other two were heavily offensive. Otherwise if it’s Ariel, Aegir, Isarnia, say a dispeller, and a buffer / healer then I worry I don’t have enough firepower. I’d basically be relying on Isarnia’s defense down and then tile damage I think.

@solipsism, good point about the Vela crit bonus. As she’s at 3.70 I think I’ve only used her in one war, so I don’t readily think of that. I have been toying with the idea of Frida + level 23 mana troop so that she can fire at 9 tiles, making Vela’s follow up more powerful. But it seems so far the consensus is that that gives up too much on the healing front.

@Steve9999, thanks for popping in! Always good to see you and your thoughts. The 3tack terminology is NOT mine. The first time I remember seeing it was from Garanywyn.

A lot of my raids revolve around Mother North, so I have a lot of experience coaxing slow mana into usage. While I haven’t worked with Isarnia a ton I think I’ll be able to get her going, but losing the simple fire and forget of the three matched average speed heroes is definitely something I’m uncertain about.

Quick aside on Vela: I’ve been impressed by her. She often fires and while she doesn’t hit super hard it’s annoying when combined with her DoT. She’s more problematic than she initially appears and I think she’s underrated because she doesn’t do one obvious thing super well (if Lianna is the queen of this category because she just makes a straight up kill, no fuss, then Vela’s on the opposite end of the spectrum). I think her best comp is Zimkitha. Similar hit, annoying effects that require attention in terms of timing, and stout. A solid hero, reasonable in defense, and I can’t wait to max her (she’s next in line).

I like your dispel and non-dispel team ideas; it’s how I’ve been leaning and will likely be my first attempt. I could see mixing it up a little, like say I’m fighting an Ares tank with Vivica flanking. Ariel, Vela, Isarnia, Seshat, and Costumed Rigard answer powerfully.

Your blue options look good. I have long coveted Alasie. Do you normally 3tack with her a healer, and Grimm (subbing in Sonya when you need a dispel)?

@diesdas, Seshat and Evelyn have all my ranger emblems, otherwise I’d try that idea! And I definitely could plug in a different fourth blue against particularly problematic red tanks. Right now I think the worst one is Black Knight. Ariel, Frida, Isarnia, and someone else (Vela when she’s ready) look really good there).

@FraVit93, funny you should mention Sonya. I just took her to +14 for the tournament, because I pulled her costume, and because with Ariel’s surprise emergence Richard got bumped back in line for Scopes and Paladin emblems. Good point - I definitely intend to bring her on some raids as she should now be stout enough to fight five stars.


Seshat and Eve are definately more worth the emblems. Also, I got Magni almost maxed, so he will maybe replace Triton soon.

Your blue roster is great though but unfortunately missing a sniper. If you wanna try 4-1 anyway maybe, Frida (always when stacking blue obviously),Grimm, Kiril (or Ariel) + Isarnia (or Aegir, but rather Isarnia). You would have the same effect twice, but it’s mostly for the tile damage. Also, you could fire Grimm before Isarnia. Isarnia has a higher -def down but her damage would also be higher after firing Grimm already… and mostly kill the enemies that got ailments from Frida and Grimm

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Yes, sadly the lack of snipers has long been the most glaring deficiency in my roster. Only the additions of Seshat and Kingston fit in that category - though at least I managed to come up with two of the best. Prior to that I got a ton of usage out of Caedmon +18, so much that I wrote a paean to him when Kingston replaced him.

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That’s cute! For a long time, Caedmon was best green, too. But he had to give away his emblems nevertheless. I would totally give you my Richard in exchange for Vela, btw :wink:

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