Re-Amplified ⚡ looking for 4 players level 25+

We are a friendly easy going but active alliance. We are English speaking but our members come from all over the world. We currently have 4 spots with possibly a 5th opening up. We range from levels 24 to 57 and are looking for players level 25+. We are hitting 8 :star: titans. Our rules:

:dragon: Daily titan hits expected. Five missed titans = :boot:

:crossed_swords: War is optional. If you opt in, use all 6 :triangular_flag_on_post: We also coordinate tank colors

:mailbox: Chatting not required, but pay enough attention to the chat that you don’t miss any special instructions

:question: Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

:spiral_calendar: If you’ve got something going on that’s going to keep you from playing, let us know

:tada: Have fun!

Giving a bump hoping to catch the post-war crowd!

Hey, I’m Interested. I’m currently at 3.600TP and hitting 6* but my alliance is pretty inactive…

Im a bit p2p and pretty active but only been playing since a couple months but for that I made quite the progress. Got all the essential 4 stars maxed (wu, prot, Wilbur,etc.) .and currently a few days away from ascending my first 5* Ursena to final tier. Let me know!


Hey Max1991,

You sound like a good fit. We are set to invite so just ask to join and someone will let in.


Giving this a bump because we are still looking

Giving a bump. We still have 5 spots. Please help my ad be successful so I can avoid the AR chat :grimacing:

Giving a bump. We still have 4 spots. Come join and help us move up to 9 star titans!

Giving a bump for anyone who might be looking for a new home after the war

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