Re-Amplified ⚡ is looking for players level 20+

We are a friendly easy going but active alliance. We are English speaking but our members come from all over the world. We currently have 5 spots and are looking for players 20+ so we can move up from 6 :star: titans. Our rules:

:dragon: Daily titan hits expected. Five missed titans = :boot:

:crossed_swords: War is optional. If you opt in, work towards being able to use all 6 :triangular_flag_on_post: (I understand in the beginning you may not have 6 teams)

:mailbox: Chatting not required, but pay enough attention to the chat that you don’t miss any special instructions

:question: Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

:spiral_calendar: If you’ve got something going on that’s going to keep you from playing, let us know

:tada: Have fun!

Giving a bump hoping to catch the eye of anyone looking to switch alliances after war. We’re 3 points away from our war chest so now would be a good time to join. Another selling point is we already have several players with the hunter’s lodge, so we’re suing harpoons on titans and getting titan parts. Come check us out!

We gained a member and took down our 1st 7 star titan! Join and help us stay on 7 stars and start working towards 8 stars!

We are still looking. We are a great alliance for mid-level players looking for an active but not high pressure alliance. Come check us out!

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Hi, are there any spots still available? Started about a month ago and my alliance is barely active. Level 21 sitting around 750 trophies and 2300tp. Don’t have many war teams yet.
If so let me know, thanks

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Yes! We still have spots. those of us who originally formed the alliance came from an inactive alliance, so believe me I understand your frustration with an inactive alliance. We are set to invite, so just send an invite and someone will let you in

Great, sent you an invite request :blush:

Rece caFocu’, we are a small alliance, GMT+2 timezone, EU based, english speakers.
We want to join, we’re friends so we would like spots for all of us.
Please check us out and give me a sign.

Rece ca Focu’

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We would be happy to take all four of you! We are set to invite, so just send an invite and someone will accept.

I am going to be offline for awhile, but I gave the other members a heads up about you four, so they won’t give away any of our spots to someone else

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