Re-Amplified is looking for new members

We are a new alliance formed from a group that left an alliance with inactive leadership. We are casual but active and looking for like minded players. Daily titan hits are expected (5 missed titans = kick). War is optional, but if you opt in strive to use all flags. No cup requirements and all levels are welcome. We currently range from level 5 to 32. And we are a friendly group who are always willing to help each other out.

Come join us and help us grow Re-Amplified!

(Maybe I should mention we won our first 2 wars :wink:)

I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that we won our first two wars–it seems to have jinxed us for this war :open_mouth:

We would be a great alliance for a mid-level player looking for an active but not high pressure alliance. Come check us out.

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