RAZORS NINJAS: RaZoR is COMING Back to E&P to take #1

There will be aggressive requirements for this team, but having fun is PRIME!

OCTOBER 31st 2022 is our PARTY DATE to have the team set and ready to roll…

More to come…





Missed you on the forum, hope you are doing well.

Your videos are the only game-play videos I watch with volume, am looking forward to expanding my musical horizons some more!! Killer tracks!!


OOOOOOOOO boy! Razor my dude! Whats up stranger. Glad to have you back brother.


Welcome back!
Good luck …its a strange new world your coming back to…
And may the portals be forever kind


Welcome back and good luck with recruitment. Not that you need it! :wink:


Could u take a screenshot of ur roster pre coming back, and then update it after u start summoning again.

Really wanna see ur roster progress

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Just in case you missed it… This thread is in Alliance Recruitment :rofl::joy::rofl:.

Yes @Razor, you have been missed - the requests have begun.


yeah i know, i just wanna see the old veteran roster progress before and after he is back to the track :blush:

i think i remember Razor, he is the same level as Zero and JimMe from 7dd back then when guin ruled the tank

Yay!!! I’m so glad you’re coming back! Now if I could just get you to check Facebook :joy::joy: You’re the worst! Check my message please!

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I’m truly the WORST FACEBOOKER ON EARTH Toot! ha ha ha I’ll put on my list to check today dear…

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Buahhh ah ah ha THX P-MAN!

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Welcome back. Hmmm… speaking of old sacred monsters, I wonder if Dator or Uclapack are stil around…

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@mogulemon Many options have been added to the game, I haven’t played much since and I’ve made ZERO effort to make changes to my heroes with the new features since I left (it will be interesting). My thoughts will be this team of NINJAS will be VERY NINJA HEAVY and include some of the GODS with Full AOE Damaging focusing on the TURN SPEED to fire off.

Thanks Dearest @Sarah2! Thank you @Colonel , @L33tVortex12596 @Sternman. @Pompitous I look for your brief on anything BRIEF I should know!

I won’t FINALIZE DEPTH of hero Requirements until I update the Hero Utility with all missing heroes and costumes - after that I’ll at least be up to date as to who/what has been added since I left (and that is an extensive list from the day left till now likely in the 100+ Heroes and Costumes Range) FML!

@Ian487 On UCLAPACK - I’ll reach out to her to see - Dator can kiss my TATORs. They were doing pretty fair in streaming, it would be hard to let that go for most anyone. They are around for sure… They were playing still long after I left, so would be way ahead of me and always were… I was a late bloomer. I’m going to setup my EMULATOR this eve and will screenshot what I have - likely just a BEFORE VIDEO…

It will be great to communicate with you again @Datootfary I’ll be looking for an empty SHELL if you know of any please set me up :). I’ll need some HEAVY HITTERS TITAN WISE up front and will get us into the TOP-100 in 2 weeks. If things work the way the did when I left to a fair degree…




I might have one for you. An alliance that’s joining my family. They have some room to grow. I feel like your drug dealer. I’m always finding you shells :joy::joy:

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And honestly things have changed s lot since you’ve left. Expect it to take a little more time to get up to speed then two weeks.

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Line me so that we can coordinate. Same old Line, Datootfary. Soon. Shell alliance secured.

lol, your the best @Datootfary

I need someone to give me the lowdown on changes… not only for my rise but to adjust the tools I created (for my personal use - which will also benefit those of you that choose to use them as well - FREE).

@Pompitous @Datootfary @Sarah2 - Just grabbed 3 names that were TOPS when I left the game and am looking to you 3 for any tips tricks. I’m installing LINE & WHATSAP (9/20 in afternoon - headed to bed at 3:33AM AZ USA Time, I’m the NIGHT)…


Hey buddy, there are soooo many changes / additions, I wouldn’t know where to begin, except coincidentally @FrenziedEye has returned and asked the same question.

Lots of responses from more knowledgeable players than me. :wink: