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Oh I had missed this, make that 62% :joy:

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@Kabala just go to this link and put in your player name, alliance name and verify your password to be used:



Why the Plus?

It has been upgraded to speed up performance and decision making. Direct Link into the Class Node BOM(b) for immediate preview and classing of Emblem Planning Heroes, minimize review time by restricting output to a single class - enabling a totals line for emblems up to that point and for resets. Simplified decision making! I go through several angles as I class up this DeViL!

Take a Ride with RaZoR through the PLUS!

@PapaHeavy - lets see if we can get that up to 64% - and the next I think will land us in the 70s! Ha ha ha PH!

@PooFlingerJr @JonahTheBard @Guvnor @ThePirateKing @Ebonest @IvyTheTerrible @Math4lyfe @anc1ent1 @Yayo


@Razor, trying to get as many of my alliance mates here as I can. This is Fantastic work my friend!!!

P.S 73%

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Anyone taking advantage of the save back node path to store you modified card values… if you used it in anyway in the past you may find that the paths are still stored but the values arent as they were not prior. Easy way to find out all at once: Select [Export] from the menu can spot check or save data into text editor with a .cvs extension and open in a spreadsheet application.

I personally had to clear about 20+

Unfortunately I can’t … I’m sorry. I have a problem …

Kabala - try the following…

Login: Kabala
Password: temp397

The account was created on the 20th of last month.


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Thanks!! success!! oké

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It was recently brought to my attention that the Class Node BOM(b) link in the EPRa+ was limited to my account LOL!!! I’m going thru feedback haven’t even started on email - ITS FIXED! And the Hero Properties Search Engine v1.0 is live - doing video now… @PapaHeavy @Guvnor @Kerrang @Sarah2
@Rigs @nevarmaor @Ender_BattleSchool


HERO PROPERTIES (Search Engine v1.0)

Finally it has arrived…

Feedback is Great! Hope you find value in its use Players!

Adjusted the Rarity
the Hero Inventory Type and
selected 1 or more Hero Properties;

This one took me manually inputting every hero Special Skill line for line and dissecting them for a database which in the future can be sourced, including actual figures, duration and cross encompassing the properties into a single hero line for ease of use… over 200 unique properties were discovered and provided in an easy to use drop down menu divided into ATTACK, DAMAGE, DEFENSE, HEAL, MANA & MINIONS (the later needs a bit more work).

@PapaHeavy @Kabala @Kerrang @nevarmaor
@Ender_BattleSchool @Guvnor @Moe99 @Rigs @Sarah2 @ThePirateKing



Crazy there are that many now


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With all the attention on the upcoming Telly nerf, tl;dr and people still constantly posting to that thread, I hope players find the great resources you’re producing. My alliance thanks you in advance too :smile:.



small yet very user friendly improvements…

(1) Proper Emblem Use Identification of Costumed Heroes in the CLASS GRID.
- Huge for visible planning (I’ve based plans on where the costumed heros re-
classification was shown in the Class Grid in the past. NO MORE!)

(2) Reclassify your Costumed Heroes on the fly (equipped wearing/not wearing)
- Huge for War Tracker Users: no more delete/add to change usage of the costume

Hopefully this makes great sense to the users of the Class Grid and is welcomed!

@Guvnor @Ebonest @Rigs @Sarah2 @ThePirateKing @PapaHeavy @Kerrang @AndreworNIL @marajade @xknee


Quick Start Visual Review Guide (available from the Login Page) for New Users


DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS ONE - IT COULD BECOME BIG COMPETITION WISE outside the game! Looking for some of DAT! Enjoly.


@PooFlingerJr @JonahTheBard @Guvnor @FraVit93
@Ebonest @Ranvir @Ender_BattleSchool (pop some of your scores in Big “E”) @anc1ent1 @Yayo


Thanks man. I am enlisted and will start posting my stuff this week.

Rock on.

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Heck Yeah ANC! I’m going to try putting some more time into Tourneys as I’ve a lot of ideas of how this can be a cool extension for many of us!

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How do I get past the duplicate error message when trying to join? I might have messed up somewhere.?

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OK I think this is going to be my last NEW PRODUCT to market…
This is a LEADERBOARD Extraction Utility written specifically as a ResponsiveB APP so should be my best ‘phone’ app to date.

Being that It’s in “THE DEN” this is likely where I will be spending most of my time from now on (pssssst its located just past the BallRoom). It’s LIVE & will be available to ANY Player…not sure where all I will go with it but I “Blogged” The F out of it today. Almost have it operational for the extraction piece which was the main goal originally.

I may pop my ‘notes’ in here.

@GamerFreddie I checked the accounts don’t see you there with this name - are you with - whooop there you are just now and yes REALLIFEMATTERS let me know if you have any additional problems. @PapaHeavy @Pompitous @Suicide_Bunny @Kerrang (K - you made the Top Raiding List last period I wasn’t aware you were in a competative spot in the game - NICE). @nevarmaor @FrenziedEye @Guvnor .

Had a Very Good Friend Leave the game a couple days ago - sucks. Well anyway… Looks like Gammer Freddie is still having issues

@anc1ent1 @Sarah2

GRIMFOREST I had just run prior to Highest Cups - its almost there…


Assuming your still having problems GF. I just RESET your password to the following: RLM007
Suspecting that was what was going on…

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