RaZoR's GuiLDWare: E&P's Ultimate FREE Players Toolset

Anyone and Everyone that would like to give it a go! Hope to see you soon. Ha ha ha.



Hello Players!
Back again showcasing another feature of GuiLDWare for those who like to get the most out of ther tiles especially versus TITANS!

RaZoR’s GuiLDWare available through Titan Mafia.

You can obtain a Free account HERE

A Preview of some of GuiLDWare’s other features is available HERE


Sample of the HTDL - Holy

@Ender_BattleSchool @Guvnor @Rigs @PapaHeavy @Kerrang @Ranvir @Yayo @nevarmaor @FraVit93 @Kikyo


Ooh going to see where Fenrir tanks


Note: Those of you that may have been saving Tree Node path data previously - data was not being calculated for adjustments to Power, Attack, Defense & Health then. ‘RE-SAVING’ will force it to occur.

Very cool feature. :+1:

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Well… lol

The EPR has now become the EPRa

Serving a dual purpose inventory on hand (which some have asked for) and it has been extended to include ascension materials for further report integration.

@Veronictoria @QUEENDEE22 @ThePirateKing @Olmor @Sarah2 @Guvnor @Ender_BattleSchool @FraVit93 @SupremeAlienRaptor @Stargasm


Thank you, thank you, thank you :star_struck:.


If anyone has suggestions on how to make the EPRa Report more valuable/time-saving shoot your ideas my way RAZORENP.


:frowning: How to register ??

… I don’t speak English well …

any one else encounter log in errors when you set up your account. i keep on getting password error? any suggestions


@Moe99, I use an iPad that automatically creates a Strong/random password and I noticed it did not have any special characters. Perhaps this is the issue? I would try a password without special characters and see what happens. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not sure @Moe99, I tagged the OP @Razor in case he can help.

@Razor, you have officially crossed the 60% mark of all material stored in my alliance notes!! I should have a trophy for all your hard work, let me see what I can come up with


Oh I had missed this, make that 62% :joy:

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@Kabala just go to this link and put in your player name, alliance name and verify your password to be used:



Why the Plus?

It has been upgraded to speed up performance and decision making. Direct Link into the Class Node BOM(b) for immediate preview and classing of Emblem Planning Heroes, minimize review time by restricting output to a single class - enabling a totals line for emblems up to that point and for resets. Simplified decision making! I go through several angles as I class up this DeViL!

Take a Ride with RaZoR through the PLUS!

@PapaHeavy - lets see if we can get that up to 64% - and the next I think will land us in the 70s! Ha ha ha PH!

@PooFlingerJr @JonahTheBard @Guvnor @ThePirateKing @Ebonest @IvyTheTerrible @Math4lyfe @anc1ent1 @Yayo


@Razor, trying to get as many of my alliance mates here as I can. This is Fantastic work my friend!!!

P.S 73%

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Anyone taking advantage of the save back node path to store you modified card values… if you used it in anyway in the past you may find that the paths are still stored but the values arent as they were not prior. Easy way to find out all at once: Select [Export] from the menu can spot check or save data into text editor with a .cvs extension and open in a spreadsheet application.

I personally had to clear about 20+

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