RaZoR's EDge

YOUR GOING TO WANT TO NAB THIS ONE… It WILL come in Handy sometime
Put together to answer a friends question - don’t want to wast the effort or lose the image in my PC SINK HOLE…

Always taking path of Defense first, Health (HP) second - nice to have a hitter but not what I use them for…

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@FrenziedEye @Guvnor @Kerrang @Mothra @JonahTheBard


Thanks @Razor, exceptional work as always

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Agreed. Passive healers should definitely go Defense/Health on the grid!

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HOTM-38 the joyful NOOR! Meets with Valhalla-5’s SKADI… badump bump dahhhh. ha ha ha

Enjoy your week Players and wear your masks! RAZOR
@Mothra @JonahTheBard (getting tagged again JTB), @FrenziedEye, @Kerrang, @PapaHeavy, @anc1ent1, @TheSkull, @TheWizard


See ROC of the SAND EMPIRE below… @ Class Node Bom(b)


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