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These are the grades that @Anchor uses for the heroes, you can find more on his official site:

Ther’s a link but he expressly ask for it to not be shared and to link his site instead so I would ask you to do the same if you would share it :wink:


Thanks, I appreciate the support! @FraVit93

As long as the link goes directly to AnchorGamed.com/grades and not just directly to the spreadsheet I’m totally cool with it and it being referenced however people want.


When you are on the enphero.com website simply scroll over the 7 grades on Defense…or scroll over Offense, and a key chart pops up explaining each slot.


@QUEENDEE22, This is what I was talking about In the alliance. I find the discussion extremely interesting, and not just because some of the best players in the game are here, it’s also for @Razor’s incredible personality.


Thanks for tagging me @PapaHeavy ! I really appreciate all of your help.

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It was a decent run @Razor, 2 HotM, 2 Kages. Also some other crazy things you know. But yet no GM?? I know he wants this Raw T-bone steak!! He hates raw meat !!!

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YOUR GOING TO WANT TO NAB THIS ONE… It WILL come in Handy sometime
Put together to answer a friends question - don’t want to wast the effort or lose the image in my PC SINK HOLE…

Always taking path of Defense first, Health (HP) second - nice to have a hitter but not what I use them for…

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Thanks @Razor, exceptional work as always

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Agreed. Passive healers should definitely go Defense/Health on the grid!

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HOTM-38 the joyful NOOR! Meets with Valhalla-5’s SKADI… badump bump dahhhh. ha ha ha

Enjoy your week Players and wear your masks! RAZOR
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See ROC of the SAND EMPIRE below… @ Class Node Bom(b)


See THOR and URAEUS below… @ Class Node BOM(b)


Dear @Razor,
I love your tool but found that some heroes have not been updated after the multiple balancing that was done.

As example, Crystalis is still showing 150% damage to all, lower corrosive frosth and lower attack down.


I would also re-rate her after the buffs; she is basically doing the same as Morel, but with atk down instead of def down. And on top, she does a lot of corrosive damage and reduces the buff duration, which sometimes makes her basically a de-buffer.

Thanks for considering.

As far as I remember Razor finished his journey with E&P a few months ago.

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ah, didn’t know… Nobody took over?
Telly and RaZoR stopped and the Goat (@Oggiez) is also inactive. Any other sources for gradings? Anchor is not so detailed and accurate, I think.

The last update was at the end of the year! @Razor made a brief appearance on his Line group chat, but I haven’t heard of him making another appearance since. Hopefully, someone will pick it up and update the hero data in the near future. I really miss using the tool! :pleading_face:

It looks like the Hero Utility data will be updated this month! :partying_face:


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hero data has been update! Hero Utility is ready for use again! :partying_face:

Thanks @Razor! :wink:

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