Rayne's poison is not spreading to purple reflect enemies

Not sure if this is intended, but I infected a different element in the villain stage but the poison just reflects when it spreads to a dark reflect enemy. I thought poison is an ailment and not from the element. Shouldn’t it spread regardless of who caused the poison?


In the challenge events, including festival, if an enemy has a colored shield, then any special skills that hit that enemy of the same element will get reflected. In this case, Rayne is a Purple hero and Villians is a purple reflect, so Rayne’s poison damage will not affect the enemies, and instead be reflected back to Rayne.

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Yeah I understand that, but I hit an enemy that’s not purple to apply the poison first. When the poison is spreading to the purple reflect enemy, it doesn’t affect it. The poison also doesn’t reflect back to rayne


My logic here is that the initial hit, the ailment is bounded by the element, so it’s subjected to the reflect. But next turn onwards, it should be element-less because it’s just an ailment
I don’t know, rayne is the only hero with this mechanic and I’m one of those people crazy enough to bring her to a purple reflect stage

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Thank you for the report, we will investigate this!

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