Rayne or Hannah? poll

Which one to max? Both great heroes but I have mats for only one. Not for def, strictly for offense, towers etc… Thanks!

  • Rayne
  • Hannah

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Thanks for your votes. Quite surprised with the results. Both are very good heroes but didn’t know Rayne was this much better :slight_smile:

I have both and Rayne is in a class by herself. The DOT simply wrecks enemies.


Rayne isn´t necessarily better, but you wanted a hero for offense. Rayne is better on offense, Hannah is better on defense.

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In today’s top meta I would rank Rayne a 9 and Hannah a 4-5. Rayne is that much better than her. I can take Rayne as the single attacking hero in a raid and usually win.

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Thanks everyone, you’ve been a huge help. Rayne to the max! :smiley:

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