🏰 Rayne – 5* Dark / Purple from Clash of Knights

I had no idea she was average speed. That makes me feel some kind of way.

Slightly disappointed? Or even more appalled?

This or dupe xnol? emblems about the same, maybe to +6/7 for either unless I reset someone.

That is what I am thinking too. I have G. panther and I paired her with DL. With C. Rigard attack up, DL can deal over 1500 damage regardless the defense status of the enemy. With the 4 round of corrosive damage affecting three, that is another 800+ damage if that is not enough to kill the target. In addition, DL is a fast hero.

I pulled her and I think she’s awesome. It’s basically a Lady Locke on steroids minus the cleanse. Being average speed doesn’t matter that much on offence. The family bonus being able to make the DOT uncleansable is a little icing on the cake.

In an attack team with Franz, Ludwig and Lady Locke they could melt the enemy away, even the taunters.

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Dark Lord!! I use him everywhere.


Yeah, he seems like the better choice. Can’t wait to get another DBlade to take him all the way

I’m currently maxing her. Her DOT is massive, and if there is no healer/cleanser in the defensive team, she can totally wreck it. I will use her in 2/3 and in mono, along with Panther, Hannah, Moreau and Jabberwock. By the way, does anybody know if poison from Clarissa/Jabberwock stacks with Rayne’s ?

It should not in my mind (same kind of DoT), but you can test it easily on a map event

No, it doesn’t stack. It will be overwritten. So if you had Raynes posion going first and cast Jabberwock’s special, his posion would take over.

For me she is more of a glorified sniper, if you’re not careful with her special she ends up killing heroes before the poison can kick in :sweat_smile:
That said she is an offensive powerhouse especially if you have the mana troops for her. She can easily finish off 3-4 heroes on her own. Still feeling her out on defense, but overall feel lucky to of gotten her… she will definitely get the limit break once the quest comes around, or I get stupid lucky with loot before then


i don’t know why people tend to underestimate Rayne’s special? Once she goes off besides her snipe hit she has the potential to deal 1k to all. any other hero that has the potential? definitely a top class hero imo, she has the potential on def too. never mind she is average, octros or Liz are on many defenses, are they any diffferent? congrats who got her


Rayne is TOP hero… as clearly understood from all aspects by now. So no point paying attention to naysayers….

I decided to go with Lepiota & hence have a month or so to collect the tabards for her… taking her to 3/70 and she is already quiet beefy. Reading some stats about high poison damage spread is damn encouraging….

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It is not that easy to use her poison to full extent. Her snipe is really potent, hence it is quite easy to kill the guy. If the guy is killed the very next round after snipe, the poison is not propagated.

If the tank is killed and you snipe the flank, the poison is only propagated to the wing.

Therefore she is a well balanced hero. Nonetheless, very lethal. The sniped guy is almost guaranteed kill if cleanse is not applied quickly. Just like genuine Pest.

On the other hand you got Exeera (sorry, I just couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue: )

So based on your description Dark Lord > Rayne he hit harder and poison always stick to 3 targets

Definitely. But Dark Lord is just sick in the current form. He is waaaay over any other sniper in the game.

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