🧙 Ray – 5* Fire / Red from Tower of Magic

After todays update.
At first I thought what is this? But works very well in my defense. Glad I got him.

Im still shocked about those votes for ray…
How he still is criminally underrated :joy:
Hes an exceptional strong support hero for those red fast + very fast hitters

He will be strong + useful for a very long time

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Completely agree! I use him every war and he is on my primary raid team with Nyx and Serandite.

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He is great hit 200k on Titan with him easy was my first time getting 200k

Perhaps people also look at his 2nd charge which is just crazy trash. But I agree: 1st charge is AMAZING! Some of the best support at faster-than-very-fast currently in the game!

He’s on my primary raid team with nyx too.

Instead of Serandite I use Erebus or Alucard (lately 2LB Erebus to take out Aramis).

His 2nd charge attack up Vs Nature stacks with regular attack up from BT. Not sure how it’ll work with cWilbur since my alt doesn’t have him

It will work - just it will be capped at 140% attack up (will not get possible 150%) :slight_smile:

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Oh my gosh… Why did i think ray dispels first. I was so mad when i thought he was nerfed… Turns out I’m just dumb.

I’m really happy with Ray’s first charge… But… When there is a cascade and he slips into his second charge… I’m usually annoyed. Either there isn’t a nature hero to hit… Or I’m at max health with over heal… But… I love ray… Love that first charge.

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His first charge is the best I feel the same way hate those cascade

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yeah hes one of the very few heroes you should watch out for not making him faster with troops & stuff :sweat_smile:

Yeah, Ray’s first charge is exceptionally useful. Ray is usually the most important member of my raid team of Ray, R&N, Milena, Thanatos and Becky. At the start of the raid I’m looking for 5 or 6 red tiles to remove lb2 buffs from the enemy and reduce their HP by 600 over 3 turns, which softens them up and often wins half of the battle. A second or even third time of his first charge wins many battles.

Ray’s second charge has the cleanse, the 100% ensured +10% mana for all and the 2x -5% mana generation stack going for it. Sometimes even the HoT is very useful. The +50% attack against nature heroes is kind of invisible to me, though. But I basically never aim for the second charge in raids, only in events, because he will simply keep charging and the double stack is nice against the bosses. During a raid his second charge usually only comes up when there is an accidental cascade and I’m already in a good position to win.

I really love his first charge and the 50% chance for +10% mana that will charge a red fast hero like R&N with 18% mana generation in 6 tiles. Then R&N will return the favour and distribute mana from her target.

If Ray doesn’t proc the +10% mana, then often my Milena has a chance to charge R&N. And if that fails, her heal and Thanatos’ heal will give R&N the 10% mana due to R&N’s passive.

My Becky can also give 10% mana with her second charge and she often wraps up the battle with her second charge. Sometimes she even turns the battle around. At lb2 she does 400-500 damage to all and my heroes are charged very quickly at this point with ghost tiles over the 5 turns of her buff.

I love my raid team :heart_eyes:

I’m leaning on 2x lb ray… ya’ll have a card leveled so I can see if that is really something I want to do?

Hathor or Roughian are my other options in red… but I think I am going ray.

I have Hathor and Ray. Gave Hathor the lb2. She is more versatile.

The reason I am leaning ray is… I have charon… I have Heimdall, I have Arco… and Hathor is @ 4.85. But she only becomes more sturdy… her healing or other effects don’t increase with the additional bump… but… ray becomes more sturdy, and deals more damage via dot… and I don’t have to worry about this stupid goblin mechanic which completely degrades overhealing.

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66 additional burn damage seems blah.

I got Ray when he was first released.
I think charge 1 is amazing to use with Serandite.
His dot is insignificant when overriden by a follow up hit from Seandite.
He is good enough for me just at 3/70.
Competition for rings is high so I can’t justify ascending him just for 2/3 useful charge 1.
I had shared a raid somewhere in this forum including Ray & Serandite…