🧙 Ray – 5* Fire / Red from Tower of Magic

44% on par with most
29% little stronger than most

He is a diamond for versatile players - with the right setup he even can make red fast hit 3 heros very fast with that mana passive

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I pulled Ray and am currently working on him. Love what he does and think he is great for both titans and normal raiding/war among other things.

First effect is great, burn damage close to Serandite’s first charge but more importantly that buff dispel at that speed! The EDD is great too, can really setup other Fire heroes quickly.

Just change the damn artwork!


Well Ray jump the line in my rotation was going to finish cupido or a dupe of Hathor but that dispel really got me all the other stuff is just a bonus to me

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Ludwig alpha broken…ray would like a word with you!! Him paired w Serandite and xiao red rabbit is so much fun!! I’m barely at 3-70 and I’m winning raids. Cups 2900. Let’s go Ray!

I’m wondering how many people think he’s amazing because of his passive or if his abilities are more appealing? Whichever one you all like, that’s the one Zynga is gonna nerf. Lol

Question for those using and loving ray:

Which emblems did you focus on?

Attack, always. Increase the burn damage!

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Thanks for everyone’s feedback on Ray. I’m having so much fun with this hero!

I’ve been using him on offense with Hathor and Alucard in a 3-2 stack. Half the time, I fire him off after 2 match 3’s and his passive charges Hathor in the same turn!

I’m seriously considering double breaking him (even over Hathor). I might finally level Erebus to see if they’re able to outright kill an opponent combined with Ray’s EDD.


Great shout with Erebus.

I tried originally at x1 charge and it didn’t quite kill Viscaro, but at x3 Erebus easily gets the job done on Tahir paired with Ray.

All in all, I’d level Erebus if you have him.

Enjoy experimenting!

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How did you guys emblem Ray? I am at 18 Emblems and undecided how to emblem him in the 19th node.

I focused on attack, then health since his defense is already high and his health is low.

I’m kinda regretting it and am thinking of redoing him for health and defense.

You can’t go wrong either way. You either get a couple points of burn and tile damage, or more survivability.

I’m happy with how he has turned out, just waiting on an aether to LB him. His card shows 450 burn damage but that is increased in battle due to troop level too. So if you have good troops you can definitely take def/health route to make up for not taking sword path.


I went the same way funnily. Troops are currently a sore spot for me since I did not get either styx or magic red troops…

I am very happy with Ray. One thing I noticed. In this week’s tournament, was it trial of shadows(?), I didn’t see fire damage on his first attack. Is it me or did anyone else see this too?

This is mine

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Why is my Ray only showing 330 burn damage @ 8/8 special skill?

Usually the DOT (Damage Over Time, such as burn, poison, water damage, etc), increses if you add talents / limit break the hero.

Basically, the more attack the hero gets (even from the troops), the higher the DOT is.

Is he at 4/80 yet???