Ravnir hero from the past with ravnir from present dif opt

I notice something i dont now if are a bug or not. But my ravnir lvl0 from 2 week ago is diferent from another ravnir that i meet in raid

My ravnir option ,hero that i have from 2 week

The ravnir that i meet in raid diferent option

Both hero dont have costume , so very strange the ravnir from the present suck at titan because of 56%probability of miss hit with other heros that you atack from you team

That’s because his special skill is not maxed yet. When it becomes 8/8 the accuracy will be - 35%.

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Aha , now make sens everything. So if i max the skill that 56% will be less, right ?Thank you, sry im noob one i play from 2 mont the game

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Yes, as your Ranvir’s special skill level increases the chance for missing will keep decreasing. No worries, we all learned these things at some point. It’s always good to ask questions to be sure :slight_smile:

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