Ravens of Winterfell Recruiting

The Ravens of Winterfell are looking for some dedicated players to join us!
As the sister alliance to King of the North and Wolves of Winterfell, you can share tips and advice with some of the most experienced players. As a mentoring alliance you can expect help with titan hits, roster selection, wars and much more!!! Don’t wait! This is a rare opportunity and these spots will be filled soon!

“You will never walk again, but you will fly.” “It is beautiful beneath the sea. But if you stay too long, you’ll drown.”

Our requirements:

  • 3500+ TP
  • 1200 Cups
  • 20 x level 70+
  • Hit Titans daily
  • use all war flags unless opted out.

Guys requirements are negotiable, contact me on line if you have questions.

If you have what it takes, drop us a Line! As line is required.

  • Ravens of Winterfell -
    Leader - KhalDrogo: ronandex501
    Co-leader - echo: echo1


Ravens still looking for like minded players that want to grow.

Contact ronandex501 if you have any further questions

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