Ravens of Valhalla is recruiting (Three spots open, 1600+)

I’m going to do my very best to keep this short, as I tend to make everything a few paragraphs long :sweat_smile:

(Edit: This is not short at all, my apologies, please read at your own discretion)

I’ll be honest, it took me awhile to find the right alliance. I visited quite a few in search for a true ‘home’. None of them ever seemed to fit; some had too many rules, some not enough. After joining Ravens, I found it to be the perfect balance between the two. If you can relate at all, Ravens of Valhalla is definitely for you.

We’re looking for three active players, who love E&P as much as we do. Minimum trophy requirement is 1600.

Most of us are level 30+, so if you’re still learning- we will help guide you. & If you’re an experienced player, well then you’ll fit right in.

Titans: We take down 8* easily, 9* mostly, and 10* occassionally. One of the best positions to be in for loot rolls.

War: We are opted in and 25 of us actively participate. We usually win, but we won’t always. We’re currently at 20/25 on our war chest. If we win this next one, the chest will reset. As long as you participate in every war after that, you will get 100% participation on our next chest with us, but only if you join us soon.

I’m very active here on the forum, and I share everything I learn within my alliance. Our leader Red is very kind and motivating. All he asks for is participation, and giving it your best shot. You can ask questions, give advice, or be silent; whatever floats your boat. Most of us aren’t super chatty (except maybe me), but when it comes to this game and applying strategies, we do talk all of that stuff out. Sometimes, we’ll even take polls.

We care about our members, and want them all to succeed and have their voices heard. We’re a relaxed alliance, and IRL stuff comes first, but not so much so that we neglect our in-game responsibilities. We love this game, and we love the loot it gives us (sometimes) :wink: So we all put forth the effort needed in order to enjoy this game to the fullest extent.

So if you want a relaxed, yet active and passionate alliance, come join us today :blush:

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