Ravens of Valhalla is Recruiting (Active & 1600+ Cups, 4 Open Spots)


Sorry in advance if this is just another regurgitated alliance recruitment ad, I know they’re all pretty similar, so let me just tell you a little about us and let you decide for yourself whether we sound like the right fit. & I also want to apologize for the lengthy post, I have a hard time summarizing so here’s my very specific ‘ad’ (& For those who don’t want all of the specifics, go ahead and skim and/or skip to the bottom):

Intro: Ravens of Valhalla is our group and we are an ACTIVE alliance. Now when I say that, I don’t mean 75% of our members are active, I mean everyone is and for our alliance to succeed, we ask you to be too. This group has been around for awhile, and what makes it so successful is everyone in this guild’s love for this game (and yes, maybe even sometimes hate) and we share that experience with each other by playing and expressing our excitements, disappointments, and everything inbetween. Our leader Red is probably the nicest leader you will find in any group; he’s not pushy, and doesn’t seem to ever get frustrated with anyone, even when we lose; all he asks is you try your best. That’s what we all ask, is be active and give it your best shot. Of course winning is great, but enjoying the game, win or lose, is what we’re after.

Titans: We are currently killing every 8* Titan that comes our way, and occasionally 9* as well. Now what that means is, as long as your participate, you will have at least two rolls for AM no matter your grade. & Then once we make it up to 9* permanently, that’s three rolls no matter the grade. You should never be stressed in this group wondering whether we’ll kill this Titan in time or not; most of our titans die with about four hours to spare, and the ones we release are fairly obvious at the four hour mark. We have several members in different time zones ensuring nothing is missed, so you can go to sleep knowing that if that titan is close to dead, someone will surely take care of it. & Unlike many groups, we aren’t super strict about when you can hit the Titan. If we as a group choose to let it flee but you want to hit it, you’re more than welcome to if that is what makes you happy. Also, we don’t keep laws in place limiting who gets the kill. You’re on and think you can kill it? Go for it! We do our best to work as a group, and help lift each other up so we can all shine, not just a select few.

Wars: With Wars, we are currently at 17/25, so if you join us you will get to enjoy the spoils along with us! Yes, you may miss out on a few items due to less participation, but as long as you participate in every war after joining you should have close to 50% participation which I believe gets you two rolls at AM (though I may be wrong on that one). Regardless, we win more often than we lose, so joining now will ensure you’ll have many more chests to participate for and even better loot to win. We’re not the sort of team who only focuses on either titans or wars, we participate in both and always put our all into every fight, win or lose.
A lot of our members have quite a lot of experience under their belts, along with the rosters to match. I, myself, am a fairly new member compared to them but I do quite a bit of research so if a question ever arises, whether it be how to create synergy with your teams, how to create the best possible defense team, what have you, you’re welcome to ask anything at anytime.

Summary: If you’re still reading this, thank you, I know that was a lot to read. Or, if you just skipped to the bottom or skimmed it, that’s cool too. In short, Ravens of Valhalla is looking for active players in the 1600 cup range or higher. English is our primary language, and most are located in the US & UK, but anyone is welcome. We are actively killing 8* titans, and actively participate in wars. If this sounds like the right fit for you then great, if not but you still have questions, ask away! I frequent these forums quite a bit but have never posted anything personally so I apologize again for the lengthy post. Have a great day!