Ravens of Valhalla is now full 🙂

Now that we’re full, I’ll be keeping this post open - as to update it with any changes - and to allow those wanting a spot with us a way to contact me directly (to get on the waiting list). I’ll also try my best to reuse this post going forward, rather than creating a new one everytime, to save the mods some work :sweat_smile:

Are you looking for a new forever home that allows you to do well without all of those crazy rules telling you who to hit when? A place that gives you room to breathe, and get the mats you need, without all of the drama? If so, come check us out :grin:


Ravens of Valhalla has two spots currently open

  • 2200+ trophy requirement to get in
  • Invite only (so send a request our way if interested)
  • English is the primary language used
  • Looking specifically for active players, that hit titans daily, and if opted into war - use all flags.
  • We chain 12* titans easily, and can hold our own vs 13* as well; we always hit the first mark [for harpoons]
  • War is optional, and if opted in, we do require you to coordinate your defense in order to follow our strat – other than that, it’s pretty relaxed. All we ask is that you do your best, use all of your flags and have fun :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re more of a casual-competitive - where we like to do well, and we usually do – just without all of the stringent rules [in place]. So you get to play at your own pace, in your own way, just as long as you stay active :slightly_smiling_face: Most of our members love the game enough to just play without having to be told - and that’s what we’re looking for. Just be sure to communicate if/when you miss, and it’s all good. But too many unexcused misses? We’ll warn you (first), and if nothing improves, we will kick if absolutely necessary. (Consistent rule is 3 unexcused misses = kick)


All in all, Ravens is an amazing place to make home. It’s been [my] home ever since I found it nearly a year and a half ago, while most of the rest of our members have been with the alliance for at least a year+. Idk, something about this place inspires loyalty, creating a cozy, comfortable atmosphere - making you never want to leave.

About Us

We’ve got a kind, amazing leader to guide us, plenty of knowledgable and experienced players in our midst to help answer questions, and we’re filled with several dependable members [along with the leadership] that keeps everything running nice and smoothly. So if you’re ever in need, whether it be questions or support, there’s always a Raven around to turn to :blush:

So come join us! :grin:

If you’re interested, or have any questions, go ahead and contact me thru Line, or drop a comment here, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, if we sound like the right fit and you already fall under all of the [above] requirements, feel free to send an invite our way - and one of us will let ya in :slightly_smiling_face:

Line ID: randapanduh

Sister Alliance

Don’t think you make the cut? Check out Gate to Valhalla. It’s our newly developed (and still growing) sister alliance that we’re still in the process of filling. Right now, it’s where all of our retired, or more casual, Ravens go to hang out while staying in the family. So whether you’re a newbie, or just a more casual player that maybe won’t meet Raven’s requirements, you’re always more than welcome to check that alliance out as well :slightly_smiling_face: That way, we can [all] stay in touch thru our alliance chat, and rotate members in and out based on growth and recent activity.



I’m currently in a stagnant alliance and looking for one with more group participation. I’m a daily player, get all my Titan and war hits in.

I’m currently lvl 46, and looking at your roster, I’m not sure if that will qualify, but I will do my best to contribute. I also like your notification if gone more then 3 day rule…keeps people active. I also like the you have some defensive strategy…I need help with that in wars and am sure that makes a big difference.

What’s your trophy count at? Our minimum is set to 2200, so as long as you meet that, you should have no problem getting in! If not, lemme know, but if so - youcan send a request whenever and one of us will let you in. Cuz as long as you’re active daily, and willing to learn and grow with us, should fit in just fine :slightly_smiling_face: & I’m always happy to help with roster development, team building, and any other questions that arise. Can do that a number of ways:

We’ve got an optional alliance chat thru Facebook messenger, so if you already have fbook, it’s easy to get in. That, or a few of us also use Line to communicate thru a little better. Again, totally optional :slightly_smiling_face:

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BUMP! :grin:

Now that I no longer have a headache, I went ahead and edited my post :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, that’s more like it @RandaPandah, lol :joy:
Seriously though, the info and expertise you’ve provided in the community forum is awesome!
And anyone joining your alliance will be lucky!

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Lol just couldn’t with only three paragraphs haha not my style

& Thank you :blush:
Especially as I’m not as active here as I once was, it’s surprising, yet nice to hear :heart: very much appreciated

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Hi @RandaPandah,

I’m surprised that you’re surprised, lol :joy:

You’re one of the good ones and even the good ones need a break!…And I’m sure that I’m NOT the only one who is appreciative. :trophy:

I mean, your responses / posts are some of the most meaningful on the forum and that’s because you’re not only informative, you are (by definition) thoughtful: “…characterized by careful reasoned thinking that shows consideration for the needs of others”. And I imagine it can take a “few minutes” to do that!

I can think of three times when reading your posts literally got me to where I’m currently in the game, and that’s priceless (especially for someone like me, who’s only been playing for about 8 months)!

I’m glad you’re here…whenever you can be! :slightly_smiling_face:

AND…the ones who can meet your alliance requirements and are invited …WILL benefit GREATLY!


Well now you’re making me blush lol. Wish I could convey my gratitude in some way, other than emojis, but since they’re all I’ve got:

:heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::brown_heart::black_heart::white_heart: :blush:
You’re awesome

& knowing that I’ve still helped people (like you) even in my [lengthy] time away, means a lot - truly. Cuz honestly, one of the many reasons I’m no longer as active here is because there are so many of informed forum posters nowadays (like, everyone) -I just feel like I end up repeating what’s already been said 9/10 lol. So maybe I’m no longer needed [as much] here really, but that’s also okay since it means I can lurk instead :wink: (lurking is the best). Though, I do miss the discussions that would really make me think.

& Also miss a few old mods like Kerridoc and Garawyn :cry:

Okay, now I am getting so off topic for my very own recruitment thread :sweat_smile: so before I type another paragraph or two, I’m just gonna thank you one more time and force myself to get back on topic (ugh lol)

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K to be on topic before my mind wanders again lol

Ravens of Valhalla has a few spots open, so come check us out by sending an invite our way, or send me a message thru Line if interested :blush:

2200+ trophy requirement; Invite Only
12*+ titans
Casual-competitive style

Come join us :grin:

Line ID: randapanduh

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20 emojis :grin::blush:

K some changes have been made in Ravens, therefore I’ve edited the post.

If anyone’s interested, send me a message thru Line, shoot a comment here, or just send an invite our way and I’ll see about letting you in :blush:

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Congrats @RandaPandah for taking up the mantle! Ravens of Valhalla are in good hands!
Woooohoooo! :smiley:

Very well deserved imho :star:

Here’s a bump!

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Now that war is over, we can fill a couple of these spots :slightly_smiling_face:

If interested, hit me up thru Line, or send an invite our way

Hello, name’s Biege Panther, just sent you folks a request.

I’m a daily player, feel like I’m pretty decent and know what I’m doing.

Always willing to learn more and will be more than happy to smash those titans and contribute to wars.

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One spot left, don’t miss this opportunity :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m interested! i am a daily active player and want to take part of a competitive alliance.

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Cheers Bird, it’s kinda nice being a small fish in a big pond :slight_smile: good luck to you lot.

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LOL wtf

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