Ravens of Valhalla is looking for THREE active players; casual-competitive alliance facing 12* and 13* Titans daily [27/30]

Hey guys :grin:

  • Looking for a new, forever home where you can be yourself and play the way that you want to?
  • Sick of being told what to do, who to hit when, or what scores you’ll need to meet the status quo?
  • Do you enjoy the game enough to play daily without having to be told?
  • Are you looking for freedom - away from the stress and drama that comes with some alliances - where you can finally just relax and enjoy the game as it is?

If so, chances are, we’re the perfect fit :wink:

Ravens of Valhalla is looking for THREE active players to come join our ranks

  • Daily activity required
  • Invite only
  • 2200+ Trophy requirement
  • Primarily English speaking
  • Killing all 12* titans, and first 13* [before passing]
  • War is optional; if opted in, must use all flags (Chest @ 20/25)
  • Coordinated war defenses; offense is free-for-all

We’re a casual competitive alliance, where we like to do well, just without all of those stringent rules in place; you can play at your own pace, in your own way, without any of the extra stress. No additional pressure outside of just playing, so if you’ve already got that covered, then you’ll fit in great :grin:

All we ask of you is to contribute daily, and to communicate if/when you cannot. We all get RL can get crazy, and ultimately comes first, so we’re just looking for a heads up if/when that day comes; so long as you continue fulfilling your obligations [to the team], then no sweat! However, after 2 unexcused misses, you will be warned [first]. If the abscenses persist without prior notifications [as to why], we will kick [if absolutely necessary].

Some quick positives?

  • Incredibly relaxed and comfortable atmosphere
  • Engaging and supportive leader/coleaders
  • Plenty of knowledgeable and passionate players who are extremely supportive, kind and helpful
  • Players from all over the world; someone is always around to help, answer questions and make calls
  • No Drama. No crazy rules. No pressure.

So if you love the game enough to just play, and you don’t wanna deal with all of the stress that can come from a big alliance, or any of the rules that follow, come check us out :slightly_smiling_face: Chances are, once you try us out, you’ll never wanna leave :wink:

Shoot a comment below, or contact me thru Line, if you’re at all interested :slightly_smiling_face::

Line ID: randapanduh


Ravens of Valhalla just had one spot open up

Come check us out :blush:
(Or hit me up if you have any questions)

Line ID: randapanduh

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Two spots available

One currently, and one after war

Line ID: randapanduh

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K edited my post so it’s more up-to-date

Last bump for a bit here, as I’m just talking to myself lol, but hmu here or thru Line if you (or anyone else) is interested :upside_down_face:

Happy gaming :grin:

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We had a handful leave due to burn-out, and/or recent changes

So now, Ravens of Valhalla is looking for 3 active players to come fill in those gaps. People who enjoy the game enough to play daily, yet don’t want all of the oversight, restrictions and rules that usually come with more competitive alliances.

We like to do well, but ultimately, it is still a game - so we treat it as such :slightly_smiling_face:

So if you’re interested, give me a shout thru Line or here, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible






20 waiting characters…

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Hi @RandaPandah, I’m currently touring the world. Could I come by some time if you still have space?


Of course! :slight_smile:

Send an invite whenever, and we’ll accept ya in
(& If you have any questions, lemme know; idk if you have Line or not, but my ID is randapanduh just in case)


Three spots :partying_face:

If you enjoy the game enough to just play without being told, and wanna avoid any drama, rules, stress (etc.), come check us out :slight_smile:

We don’t need all of those rules; we all get RL can get crazy, or that bad boards do happen. But we also understand killing titans, and winning wars, is super important in order for all of us to progress.

So personally, I think we’ve found the perfect balance between the two worlds (ie casual and competitive) - but then again, I’m totally bias :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But if you wanna do well, continue getting mats, without all of the extra stress that comes with several rules - come check us out. You may decide for yourself that we are the perfect balance, and perfect fit, for you :slight_smile:

ID: randapanduh

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Sent message on Line

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One spot left, don’t miss this opportunity :slightly_smiling_face:


3 spots available

Message me on Line, or leave a comment here if interested :slightly_smiling_face:

ID: randapanduh

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Bump :slightly_smiling_face:

If you enjoy the game to just play, and are looking for a relaxed alliance that still does well without so many crazy rules, come check us out :grin:

ID: randapanduh

If I might be so bold,

As a recent visitor, I cannot recommend this alliance highly enough for it’s blend of enthusiasm, friendliness and absence of drama combined with high level players who know their stuff.



We were so lucky, and grateful, to have you with us for the little bit we did @JonahTheBard . Especially for that war… (boy, that gave me anxiety at first… lol). Think I can speak for all Ravens when I say you’ll always be welcome :purple_heart: Thank you for the kind words, the songs, all of your help and your continued work as a mod, and I do hope you continue to enjoy your future travels :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw (as a side note) you should totally log all of your adventures as a traveler, once you’ve [finally] finished visiting all of these various alliances. Tbh, I’m super curious of your experiences [within all of these different alliances], like how each alliance varies [across the board], while elaborating more on what they [also] all have in common… I’d read that in a heartbeat. I had your interview finished within three minutes, and even though it was considered “long”, I didn’t think it was long enough… (but to be fair, we all know my bar for lengthy is pretty high :sweat_smile:) so don’t think I’m the only one who would enjoy more “Bard time”

Anyway, thanks again for everything :slightly_smiling_face:


Btw, Ravens of Valhalla has three spots open, but only two spots [for sure] available
(One spot is currently on hold til after war)

So if you wanna just play, and do well, without all of the extra stress, drama and rules, come check us out! Cuz chances are once you do, you’ll feel so comfortable that you’ll never wanna leave
(Like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I’ll answer any questions thru here or Line, so give me a shout if you have any. Or else if you meet all of the requirements, are interested in joining and want in, feel free to send an invite our way :slight_smile:

ID: randapanduh

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