Ravens of Valhalla has ONE spot available; kick back, relax, and come join us in killing some 13* titans today ☺️ [29/30]

Hey guys :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Looking for a new, forever home where you can be yourself and play the way that you want to?
  • Sick of being told what to do, who to hit when, or what scores you’ll need to meet the status quo?
  • Do you enjoy the game enough to play daily without having to be told?
  • Are you looking for freedom - away from the stress and drama that comes with some alliances - where you can finally just relax and enjoy the game as it is?

If so, chances are, we’re the perfect fit :wink:

Ravens of Valhalla is looking for active players to come join our ranks

  • Daily activity required
  • Invite only
  • 2200+ Trophy requirement
  • Primarily English speaking
  • Killing all 13* titans, while dabbling in 14* as well
  • War is optional; if opted in, must use all flags
  • Coordinated war defenses; offense is free-for-all
  • Optional alliance group-chats through both Line and Facebook messenger, as well offering one-on-one if/when needed

We’re a casual competitive alliance, where we like to do well, just without all of those stringent rules in place. You can play at your own pace, in your own way, without any additional stress [from us]. So long as you’ve got heart, well then you’ll get along great :grin:

All we ask of you is to contribute daily, and to communicate if/when you cannot. We all get RL can get crazy, and ultimately comes first, so we’re just looking for a heads up if/when that day comes. So long as you continue fulfilling your obligations [to the team], then no sweat! However, if for some reason you cannot: after 2 unexcused misses, you will be warned [first]. If the abscenses persist without prior notifications [as to why], we will kick [if absolutely necessary].

Some quick positives?

  • Incredibly relaxed, warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Engaging and supportive leader/coleaders
  • Plenty of knowledgeable and passionate players who are extremely kind, dedicated and helpful
  • Players from all over the world, so someone is always around to help out, answer questions and/or make calls
  • No Drama. No Crazy Rules. No Pressure.

So if you love the game enough to just play, and you don’t wanna deal with all of the stress that can come with being in a top/competitive alliance (or any of the rules that follow), well then come check us out :slightly_smiling_face: Chances are, once you give us a shot, you’ll never wanna leave :wink:

Shoot a comment below, or contact one of us thru Line, if you’re at all interested (or have any questions). We do have a waiting list for the times when we’re full, or for those who’d eventually like to join down the road, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for a spot! & I’ll do my best to stay in touch, and answer any questions thru Line, in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face:

Line ID: randapanduh
Line ID: kerrang5510

Gate to Valhalla:

& For those that don’t meet our requirements, don’t fret! Check out Gate to Valhalla , our smaller, more relaxed sister alliance. Right now, it’s where most of our retired - or less active - players go to hang their hat. For those who are newer to the game, yet want to become a Raven - with the enthusiasm to learn and grow with us - it’s a great start! Also, we have an optional alliance chat thru both messenger and Line for any and all Ravens to join (including those in the Gate). It’s a great place to share, chit-chat, answer any and all questions, and bask in our love (or hate) for the game. So if this seems more your speed, and you find yourself intrigued, why not give it a try?

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Calling all mods (or, well, just one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Merge? Or close/reopen?

@JonahTheBard @Guvnor @littleKAF @Dudeious.Maximus

I’ve got a few old recruitment threads that have since closed that idk what to do with since I can’t access em

(Sorry for the mess, so I’ll try linking em in hopes it makes things easier)

]Ravens of Valhalla is FULL; send a message to reserve our next open spot 🙂 We're killing 13* titans [30/30]

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I’ve unlisted the old ones.

If this one becomes locked due to being unused, just flag it as ‘other’ and we can open it.

And just be warned, you guys are my designated emergency bunker if I ever find myself homeless :wink:



How have I not known about that til now?!

You have just saved me a world of headache and grief lol you don’t even know.

Thank you :relaxed:

PS: You’ll always be welcome (well, maybe for a song… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Ravens of Valhalla has one spot available

Come join us :blush:

ID: randapanduh


One spot available; don’t miss your chance to feel the warmth of our lovely Ravens of Valhalla

Trust me, if you like the game - but not any of the stress that comes with some alliances - we’ll be the perfect fit :blush:

(And you may never wanna leave :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I like to bump bump bump
My thread to top top top

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Where I can lump lump lump
Queries in one spot spot spot

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(Hmu thru Line; ID: randapanduh)


Bumping makes me go a lil crazy :sweat_smile:

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