Ravens from war

This idea is to provide intel and probably create a huge money maker for SG. Like the costumes, another feature to the character is the ability to have a raven. Raven training increases to record as much of the battle during a war (or a raid)when in defense. The idea is the player can see from the raven how their team did and can make adjustments during the war (or next raid) with upgrades.

The raven feature should be summoned and trained into the character. The level of the raven dictates the number of turns the battle records and shows. The battle simply takes the highest raven into account.

Needless to say, I would spend gems for this gladly. You could even have a second tier of the raven to build up points after the hero dies. So that during the war, when the hero dies, it keeps watch even though it’s master has died.

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